Blogging Guidelines

Blogging Guidelines

Blogposts are great ways to communicate news about projects, write articles about topics of interest and share ideas.

Here are some guidelines for publishing blogposts on this community site

  • To add a blogpost, go to the BLOGPOSTS tab and click the +Add button in the upper right corner.
  • Make sure you're writing in English, otherwise you risk your blogpost to be removed by our editorial team.

Because of the flood of online information these days, it's very difficult to catch people's attention so here are our writing & layout tips:

  • Use a title that is short, catches the main idea, makes readers curious and/or expresses a newsmessage.
  • Start with a caption: some lines (put them in bold) that resume the main facts & content of the underneath article. This is very important to engage your readers in reading the full article. Also, the first 500 characters of your caption automatically end up on the homepage if your article gets featured!
  • Be concise: people don't read blogposts that are longer than half a page.
  • Write in good english, use quotes (put them into italic), follow a logical order, use short sentences.
  • Break up your post into paragraphs and put resuming titles above them
  • When you name organizations or projects, add a link!
  • Add various pictures and place them next to your paragraphs. We encourage you to make them not larger then 250pixels width. At Telecentre-Europe, we cut up all images at an aspect ratio of 2:1, so 250px width & 125px high.

Don't worry if you can't manage all above instructions - just publish it the way you think it's good. Before featuring or sharing your post, our editorial team will make the necessary edits to streamline your text as much as possible with the existing quality of the layout & content of the community site.

To get inspired, start reading the latest featured blogposts. Good luck!

Questions? Don't hesitate to post your comments underneath or send a private message through the profile page of our Community Manager.

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