Frequently Asked Questions

What is Unite-IT?

Unite-IT is a network and community for digital inclusion and empowerment for professionals and stakeholders in Europe.

Who leads the community?

The community is powered by ALL DIGITAL (formerly Telecentre-Europe) Learn more about the organisation on the website.

Who can become a member of Unite-IT?

We encourage professionals based in Europe and  working and/or interested in digital inclusion, digital skills, empowerment, community and technology, education to join us.

How can I become a member? 

You can become a member by signing up and creating an account here. Please make sure to include use the real name and the real photo and a short description of how you are involved in digital inclusion. This is the community of real people, and we want to be professional in presenting our members.

How do I navigate and interact with the Unite-IT platform? 

Please refer to our General guidelines or download the Unite-IT user guidelines. You can also visit help pages for each section you need help with below (e.g. blogposts, events, etc).

What is a Unite-IT working group?

It is a place where anyone interested in one of the key topics can ask questions, discuss any issues, and share their knowledge. There are 6 groups that you can join: (1) gender equality, (2) vulnerable groups at risk of exclusion, (3) education, training and certification, (4) youth employability, (5) social innovation, and (6) global citizenship education You can be a member of one or more working groups.

How to use Unite-IT working groups?

To get help using working groups please see Working groups guidelines.

How can I benefit from Unite-IT?

You can benefit from participating in various discussions and webinars, but also getting feedback and sharing your know-how. It's a place to expand your interest network and find new partners. By joining our network you will be sure to follow latest news, events and funding opportunities in the ICT industry.

How can I stop receiving too many email notifications?

You can adjust your settings if you go to "My Page", choose "Edit profile", then click on "Email" and tick/untick the boxes.

I want to post a blog, but not sure about my English. Shall I e-mail you the article first?

There is no need to e-mail us the article, because all the blogs are checked and edited before being 'featured' on the main page. So you can post/publish the blog, and after we edit it and 'feature', you will receive a notification by email. It means that it has been checked, and then you can promote it.

How can I edit the text on the platform?

To edit the text please refer to the Working with text editor section.

How can I add a new event to the website?

Please check the event guidelines page

How can I add the blog to the website, and are there any requirements?

Please check the blogging guidelines page

I want to include the photos in my blog. How can i do it in a nice way?

The most important thing is NOT to copy-paste photos, but use the photo adding tab in the editor.

Click on the image icon in the editor, and in the pop-up window (as on the image on the left) you will need to:

1) browse your files to choose the necessary image;

2) choose the layout

3) make sure to add the padding (frame around the photo) - usually 10-20 pixels are enough

4) if you don't want your picture to occupy the whole screen, set the width - we recommend 350-400 pixels.

I am trying to publish the blogpost, but the system gives the mistake. What could possibly be wrong?

  • If you copy-paste the photo, instead of adding it through the editor (please follow the instructions on adding the image above.
  • Smiley! We have found out (by trial and error) that the system doesn't accept the smileys or similar emoticons
  • If you copy-paste the text from other website (it could have some hidden editing code). We recommend pasting it as plain text or via html tab of the editor

How can i add photos and create albums on Unite-IT?

Please check the help page with step-by-step instructions

If there is a problem, who can help me?

If you face a problem and cannot solve it,  you can contact us at this e-mail.

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