The members of the Unite-IT Education and Certification working group are invited to join us tomorrow for an one hour virtual conference about e-learning and how to be come an e-trainer. EOS has piloted a new and creative Train the e-Trainer course in partnership with 5 other countries through the Grundtvig funded eDucate project. We are now at the end of the project and sharing a few ideas, thoughts and experiences with interested trainers or organisations.

The agenda of the virtual conference runs as follows:

10:00am: Video-based intro of the partners (Patricia Radl-Rebernig) and Introduction about eDUCATE (Elke Beneke)

10:10am: David Röthler: „The digital future of adult education“

10:25am: Patricia Radl-Rebernig & Xenia Koutentaki: eDUCATE - “Continuation of the e-learning trend with professionalism”

10:40am: Dr. Martin Ebner: “Marketing - and dissemination strategies in the area of e-learning”

10:55am: Samuel Wendl - Acknowledgement and Summary

You will be able to join the conference with the mobile terminal of your choice (Computer, Laptop, Smartphone, Tablet etc.)

The link to the virtual conference room is:

Please just type in your name and log in as a guest.

Looking forward to meeting you in the virtual space!

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