hi all,

although we are still a small group, let's start the discussion on the New EU Skills Agenda. Right now Telecentre Europe (Gabriela) is at the launch event @EC. You can also watch it live at https://webcast.ec.europa.eu/launch-of-a-new-skills-agenda-for-europe

After the event, we will wrap up the issues that concern us and how to take it forward. 

For those who are watching the event, I invite you to post your comments here and I will bring them up when there is an opportunity.




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I would like to start promoting the two big programmes we can offer to our community of interest. One is the Welcome Programme, designed to integrate refugees into their new community. The second one is FIT4JOBS28 the well proven training-for-employment programme applied to all member states.



Hi Gabriela, will you be able to highlight at the conference TE's ability and desire to work on large scale projects like The Welcome Programme and FIT4JOBS28. These fit very well with new skills agenda.

Hi Manus,

I will try to point out the Welcome Programme and FIT4JOBS28 if I get the chance and according to the focus of the general discussion. Thanks!

I've listened to some of the conference. Very interesting. The skills guarantee mechanism applied to the disadvantaged could be a big step-forward.




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