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The Catalan network of telecentres PuntTIC has created an opportunity of participation: Award: Digital narratives for sexist violence prevention

The award is established with the objective of encouraging the presence of ideas, opinions, thoughts and expressions that emphasize the prevention of violence against women and that express arguments, opinions and ideas that contribute to the challenge of building a society free of this social scourge.

Other objectives are:
• to encourage the use of technologies to form and express ideas and opinions
• to give recognition to those who daily contribute to building a better society
• to generate ideas and resources for the prevention of violence against women

Everybody can participate in the award, and the participation can be individual or collective (Catalan, Spanish or English.)

Check on the basis at our site: Digital Narrative Award for the prevention of violence against women

The deadline for submission of proposals is November 25, 2014.

Please, help us to communicate this information to all the people who could be interested in. Thank you!

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Thanks Esther for pointing us to this award!

I would like to take the opportunity to start a small discussion on how the existence of a culture of masculinity within some tech companies leads to groups of young men decorating workplaces with pictures of nude women, using sexist language or sharing sexist games and/or jokes.

Please reply to this discussion through one or more of the following points:

  • Do you think such a culture is off-putting a lot of women to choose a career in tech or do you think most women are able to transcend it?
  • Do you know about any anecdotes that illustrate cases of such kinds of sexist behaviour towards women in tech companies?
  • Do you know about any good practices of tech companies trying to discourage sexist language & images to create cultures that are strongly women-friendly?

Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts on this!

Thanks, Lize!
Do you think this culture is specifically present at tech companies? Here, in Spain, you can find sexist games and jokes all around. And when a women reject that things, she's accused of been too much... you know... too much hysterical? That happens even at some open-mind ambients.

Best regards, 


Hi Esther!

Thanks a lot for your input! Well, I think chances are that it happens more often in all-male or nearly all-male environments. Because the tech industry is such an environment, I wanted to introduce a discussion on this item. Not a discussion about sexism or sexist language in general, but regarding the tech industry.

In fact, with this discussion I would like to contribute to goal 2 of this group: "identifying the barriers that result in the gender gap".

In my article Why are so few girls attracted to study IT? we already identified a form of sexism as a barrier under the paragraph "stereotyped media representations", where it says that "women are still represented stereotypically in popular culture, such as holding little power or understanding of technology, occupying marginal roles in organizations, and being passive individuals".

With this discussion, I would like to identify if sexist language or behaviour at the workfloor works as a barrier for young women (even those with a degree in computing) from entering (or as an accelator for leaving) the tech industry.

Of course I often read this kind of stories published in forums, like recently a particularly sexist attack of Zoe Quinn (Games designer).

Sometimes our ex-students tell us about sexist behaviors during their internship or later at work.

It goes from “sexy images of nude women everywhere” to the “are you really an ICT professional? questions”, but it’s not so common… probably they choose themselves more "civilized" workplaces ?

Still, I can invite them to share their experience with us;-)

Thanks a lot for your reply Elena!

Do you think you can find back the link to the story of Zoe Quinn and post it here?

And oh yes, it would be wonderful if you could contact those ex-students and write down the anecdotes... it would be very illustrative for making a point on this.

Here we are: It's hard to find an objective report about the whole story. Of course the starting concern about relationships between journalists’ reviews and video-games creators has been completed overwhelmed by the discussion about sexism, homophobia and racism in the attitudes of the community…


I also think that the sexism in the labour context is one of the main barriers that can lead women who suffer from gender discrimination to abandon their workplace.

As Esther Subías comments, the sexism is not only present in the tech companies because we can identify cases in all type of occupation. I want to share with you this article written by Teresa Torns, Vicent Borràs and Alfonso Romero (in Spanish) because they highlight a very interesting idea. They explain that the sexual division of labour that reserves the public spaces (such as the labour market) only for men is related with the sexism in the workplace. I think, that specially in male dominated labour contexts such as the traditional Tech companies, these sexists expressions are a manifestation of some men to claim the labour spaces as their realm. In this sense, the studies of Cynthia Cockburn were very interesting.

However, women as a group will not lost their desire to continue developing their professional capacity and claiming for gender equality in the labour market.


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