"Hi Fabiola", a free program for immigrant women to foster the benefits of the use of a computer and the Internet.

Orange Foundation and Directa Foundation, with the support of the Association "Community if Tlecentre Networks" have launched the project 'Hi Fabiola', a free training program that seeks to promote the active use of ICT by immigrant women, contributing to improving their employability and professional positioning.

The program is primarily aimed at foreign women living in Spain, due to the shortcomings of many knowledge about computer use and Internet, which involved them a liability when it comes to getting a job or just surfing, contact with relatives in their country or simply shopping online.

The main aim is to empower women through a thematic learning in topics and tools such as employment, language learning, the relationship with Administration, etc.

For further information visit the website (Spanish language): http://www.holafabiola.com/

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Thanks for posting this, José!


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