Last year, we used digital storytelling in Brussels highschools to open up the discussion on radicalisation, racism and exclusion. After the terrorist attacks in Paris and in Brussels, the school teachers were eager to receive tools to speak about this sensitive topic. In a 20 hour workshop, we created a safe environment in which the youngsters could express their opinions and feelings openly. We made them have a critical look on their media sources. We also invited the mother of a young person who got killed in Syria, which made the subject very tangible. After the storycircle, we helped the students to refine their opinion into a story and we thought them how to use a basic video editing software. We have 34 videos made by the youngsters, here a selection of 3 videos with English translation:

The stories can be used in other classes to foster a class discussion on this topic. 

Testimonials of 2 teachers:

« We used digital storytelling to speak about radicalisation in a weak and very heterogeneous class. The projects took away the walls between the pupils. There was a group effect; the youngsters learned to work together, to discuss amongst them ». 

«  The pupils love to express themselves through the new media. They feel comfortable to use these tools. »

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