The BRIGHTS project final event will take place tomorrow in Brussels  and will be combined with the ALL DIGITAL Summit. BRIGHTS is co-organising the event and its results will be promoted and discussed throughout the 2-days conference.

The ALL DIGITAL Summit, co-hosted by the ALL DIGITAL member and BRIGHTS partner Maks, brings together every year ca. 200 leaders of networks and organisations working to enhance digital skills of all European citizens. This year, the event will be organised under the title “Digital Journey: from Inclusion to Empowerment”.

Participants will discuss how they can accompany Europeans in their journey to become digital citizens, skilled workers, empowered educators or inspiring leaders. In this context, the BRIGHTS project will have a particular focus in plenary sessions, “how to workshops”, interactive sessions, market place etc. where it will be explored in particular how digital technologies and skills can enhance global citizenship education, media literacy, human rights, inclusion of migrants and refugees.

Moreover, tomorrow evening, the Summit will host the Awards Ceremony celebrating the winners of the ALL DIGITAL Awards 2018, including the winners of the BRIGHTS Awards who are coming to Brussels from all project countries.

Check out the national winners' digital stories

Belgium – Wannes: 

Author: Wannes Hendrik

Croatia – It is all the same to me:

Author: Kevin Malnar

Greece – Christine:

Author: Victoria Ivanova

Italy – A very special friendship:

Author: Nicolò Fatone

Who is going to win, according to you, the trophy for the Best European digital story 

Share your thoughts! :)


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