On the 4th and 5th of December, EU-CoE youth partnership will organize a seminar in the European Youth Centre in Strasburg focused on the role of the youth sector in supporting young refugeesRealities of young refugees in Europe and the current political debates and approaches have made it important to develop several types of activities at European level with the aim of supporting the inclusion of young refugees, reaffirming their rights and recognizing the good practices on the local levels. 

The seminar will involve about 60 participants from the youth field, the migration field and relevant sector for young refugees. 

 The main objectives will be:

1. Enhance synergies and build cross-sectoral co-operation and partnerships among different actors acting in one way or another for young refugees, with the aim of improving their social inclusion, access to rights and participation

2. Disseminate the knowledge on the situation and ways of tackling challenges that young refugees face, developed in the youth field in Europe, including the materials of EU-CoE youth partnership, the two partner institutions and their networks

3. Identify gaps in intervention for further planning and development in the youth and other fields.

Have a look at the EU-CoE youth partnership website to get more info and take advantages of the interesting material you can find there!

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