Hello everyone!

A few hours ago I stumbled upon a very interesting research about science digital storytelling and its affect on cognitive ability (http://iopscience.iop.org/article/10.1088/1742-6596/1006/1/012020/pdf).

In particular, the researchers highlight that "Suwardy et al. [29] stated that digital storytelling can enhance students' activity, improve students' ability to relate theories to the case, and make learning interesting and effective. Another study related to digital storytelling is the study of Botturi et al. [3] and Niemi [15] where both studies stated that the use of digital storytelling media in learning could improve the quality of students, that is, to grow the skills of 21st - century." BRIGHTS project has been trying to educate teachers and trainers to use digital strytelling for promoting the principles of Global Citizenship Education in 4 countries, Greece, Italy, Croatia and Belgium exactly because of all of these positive outcomes.

But what about all of you who use digital storytelling in your classrooms. What is your experience?

What changes have you noticed in your students?

And in which subjects did you use digital storytelling?

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