Two of the finalist videos from Greece of the "BRIGHTS Awards: best digital story on Global Citizenship topics" competition are about the war and refugee crisis.

The first “The Long Journey” is talking about a peaceful town which is attacked by combat aircrafts. Bombs are falling and people are trying to save their selves. Those left alive get onto boats and sail to salvation.

The second one, “The Pacifist Constellations” is about people fighting because of their differences. Two constellations, the Great Bear and the Little Bear, who watch them from space, try to help them make peace. They turn to children and their teachers to initiate the contact. But children start fighting as well because they believe that they own the constellations. Until a pigeon (the symbol of peace) appears and asks them to stop. Then the children and the adults realise that they should be united.

Both these videos highlight the consequences of war and conflict and the importance of having or maintaining peace.

At the dawn of the new year it is very important to think about ways of promoting peace. And the best way is by educating our children about peace and about accepting people’s differences. Educators should teach them about global citizenship, diversity, and personal responsibility in order to help them develop the necessary focus and motivation that will allow them to change the world.

BRIGHTS Project was a good start for planting these seeds and let’s hope that more projects and activities like these will continue educating children about global citizenship.

What happens in your country? What projects or activities are being implemented for the promotion of Global Citizenship?

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