Dear BRIGHTS teachers and trainers,

We want to thank you once more on participating in the BRIGHTS project and on your enthusiasm and good will you’ve showed throughout the process of making the stories with your students.

Finally, we are reaching the end of the BRIGHTS project and next week we will announce the European winner story at the BRIGHTS final event. Regarding, you are invited to visit our BRIGHTS project website and follow the news on the matter. On the website you can watch BRIGHTS digital stories of our final contestants, produced in 4 partner countries: Belgium, Greece. Croatia, and Italy, that will compete at the European level. Maybe you find your favourite story you can root for at BRIGHTS Awards. ;-)

In addition, we invite you to share here with us and other teachers/trainers your stories produced with the students. Besides the stories, you can also share your experiences while working on digital stories, describe the background of the stories you’ve shared, challenges you confronted in the process, as well as advice you might give to your colleagues who will work on similar stories in the future.

It is better to share the stories with people interested in GCE topics, share the voices of the students and in that way make a step closer to solving global challenges than to leave the stories unwatched and the students’ voices silent, isn’t it? ;-)

Oooh, and don't forget to like each other's stories ;-)

Best regard from Croatia,


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Hi Hana

Congrats, wonderfull stories! how should i "like" them? (directly at YouTube?)

And if we want to share some local stories, how can we do it?

thank you! awesome challenge!


Hi Esther!

Thank you for your enthusiasm. We are also very pleased with the stories created by the students.

You can like their stories on YouTube directly. But, I hope some of the teachers who took part in the workshops will share their stories here and then you can like their stories here also. 

Please, share your local stories with us here! We would like to see them!



Not only that I shared my story, I also shared my inner person who always has something to say. Both, personally and professonally, it was a great journey, a dangerous one, but inspiring, that's for sure. My pupils love all fhe fuss around it, opening, sharing, writing, surfing, fighting with wifi, crying and laughing. Finally, they were not aware of their ability to do it. I wasn't either. Now I have a new superpower. 

Cool! So, we can call this also a superpower.

Ivana, can you share some stories of your pupils here with us?

I am sure we will enjoy them as much as you did while creating them :-)

Dear Hana,

I enjoyed my Brights process substantially and I conceived some beautiful digital stories with my students.

In fact, I am going to share one of those stories here, thank you for watching!

Dear Hana,

process of creating digital stories was really interesting and I enjojed it. My students decided to explore theme "Differeces" and we found out more about each other. Digital stories have strong message, young people understand it and we sure will be using digital stories in our further education.

Dear Hana,

The whole work in the Brights project has brought me a lot of new knowledge and skills.

 The lessons in the MOOC system are functional and interesting, especially in the second part where they become more specifically related to practical work with children.

I enjoyed working with kids when we created digital stories. I was trying to encourage them to think of important problems in their community and the wider community. I was surprised how my students were mature and showed great seriousness and commitment to the task. I am proud because I was part of a project that seeks out important issues in society and exploits digital technology for solving these problems or at least highlighting these issues.

 I'm very gratefull for the help I got from national tutors in Croatia, Hana Galogaza and Sanjin Smajlovic. They encouraged me all the time while making this project.

The methodology of digital stories is extremely simple and very effective. I will certainly use it in future work.


Thanks for this wonderful experience. It was very interesting for me, as teacher, but expecially for students!


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