Cultural pluralism has become a reality in contemporary society, representing the usual scenario of modernity. The integration of different cultures, different ways of thinking and living is a necessity that affects the whole community. The closure, the raising of barriers fuels misunderstanding and conflict. On the contrary, a conscious and intelligent openness, respecting existing differences, is undoubtedly a process that determines benefits for all.

The strengthening and diffusion of an intercultural education using an innovative methodology, represents a fundamental ingredient to contribute to establishing a harmonious living in any modern society. Centro Studi Città di Foligno has proposed to produce concrete effects on this important way of thinking the process towards full integration.

The project CLIMATIC -CLIM project for Adult Training in Intercultural Contexts 2017 -1-IT02 -KA104 -035573 aimed at providing adult education with tools and methodologies for integration processes to those involved in adult education. CLIMATIC, in fact, arises from the need of Centro Studi Città di Foligno to prepare teachers and trainers working in "multicultural classes".

The project increased the effectiveness and efficiency of training interventions aimed at preventing, contrasting and removing discrimination through participation in a structured course on Cooperative Learning techniques in Multicultural Groups (CLIM), focusing on the most important issues related to immigration (racism, discrimination, acceptance and integration of "diversity", etc.). InterCultural Iceland (ICI) was the organization that guaranteed the training, and welcomed the staff of the Association in a structured course in September 2018.

5 teachers, trainers and designers had the opportunity to participate to the training course in Iceland, after which, in addition to acquiring new skills, they worked on the production of a training toolkit on cooperative learning. The toolkit entitled "Cooperative learning in intercultural contexts" is intended for all those involved in integration in educational settings.

Do you have any experience/suggestion in CLIM methodology that you’d like to share?

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