The winning video from Greece of the "BRIGHTS Awards: best digital story on Global Citizenship topics" competition was about women's rights and gender equality.

The story is about a family who lives a happy life in Germany. However, the wife is miserable because she is not allow to work because of her gender. In addition, Christine, the daughter, likes to do things that boys do. She wants to play football but her parents do not allow her to play just because she is a girl. Does it ring a bell?

Here in Greece this story isn't something unusual or strange. I remember spending my summers with my grandparents and they didn't like that I played with my brother's friends. My place was in the kitchen helping grams and doing girl stuff. This was almost 20 years somethings has changed....Right?

Well, maybe in Greece grandparents are more open-minded (than they used to be) but I honestly believe that things are progressing slowly.

Take work, for example. According to a recent article in Forbes (1) "Women graduate from college at higher percentages than men do today, yet women still earn less money and hold fewer executive positions."

Another cruel fact is that plenty of women who want to start a family are deprived from the opportunity to get a job. Here in Greece many employers continue to ask questions about applicants' maternity plans and as a result they reject women. According to another article in Forbes (2) one-third of the women had experienced some level of pregnancy discrimination or family responsibilities discrimination (the stats are from Allyson Downey who did a research and asked several women about pregnancy discrimination while writing her book Here’s The Plan: Your Practical, Tactical Guide to Advancing Your Career During Pregnancy and Parenting). 

So what's your opinion? What is happening in your countries? Do you believe that women's rights are respected or should officials promote more gender equality activities and projects in schools? 

1. Allen. T. (2018). Six Hard Truths For Women Regarding The Glass Ceiling. Forbes. (

2. Kerpen, C. (2018). Should You Disclose Your Pregnancy In A Job Interview? Forbes. (

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First, I really like the story you've shared. :)

In my country, Croatia, the problem depicted in the story is still a sensitive topic, and we frequently encounter with gender discrimination cases in our society. So, I think it is important to deal with such topics in the classroom with young students, in order to develop inclusive and progressive thinking among our future generations. Hope we have more stories like this one!

Thanks for sharing! :) 




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