WEBINAR | Social Innovation Roads to European funding | Oct 30 2015 | 10 am

Dear all,

It was great to see so many of you again in Belgrade during Telecentre Europe Annual Conference 2015. It was especially good to meet within our new Social Innovation working group composed of Telecentre Europe members, coordinators from the 1st International eFacilitator summer-school in Rovinj, members of the Digital Agenda for Creative Croatia, and the alumni of the Erste NGO Academy Social Innovation and Management program. What a great crowd! (See the 'mugshots' of those who agreed to having them taken attached ;-)

Following our meeting I have continued the dialogue with our Belgrade workshop key-note speakers, Mr. Altheo Valentini of EGINA and Mr. Jan Gejels of Working with Europe, who remain at our disposal for any support our Social Innovation working group may need in development of new projects.

To that end, Jan has released a paper entitled "Social Innovation Roads to European funding - Examples of European funding for social innovation initiatives 2016-17 with a special view to inclusive technology", which I am attaching below and invite you to go through. The paper is a great read, and provides clear and concise overview of EU funding opportunities for social innovation projects.

Furthermore, Jan was kind enough to accept our invitation to run a "Social Innovation Roads to European funding" webinar, which will take place this Friday, Oct 30th, at 10 am. The webinar will use the Webex platform, provided by Telecentre Europe. If you don't have a Webex account, you can sign-up for free and run it from your comp or mobile.

The goal of the webinar is to discuss the EU funding opportunities for Social Innovation projects. What's more, Jan's team has put together for us a great webpage with the most relevant resources, which will be regularly updated, hopefully with your contributions as well.

And finally, to put the webinar in a more specific setting, you are all invited to share your project ideas through the form (Social innovation Idea development.doc) attached. Those of you with ideas to share can send filled forms by email to me <ognjen@telecentar.com> or directly to Jan <jan.gejel@skolekom.dk>.

Hope to be talking to you this Friday, but I will understand if you cannot make it and decide to 'delegate' to someone in your organization ;-)

Best Ogi

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