Dear members of the working group,

We are preparing the second round of webinars related to e-inclusion of vulnerable groups. The first webinar organized in July this year was devoted to ICT and persons with disabilities.
Now, we would like to hear which topics/areas of work/specific vulnerable groups you would be interested to hear about in the next webinar within our group.
Also, besides proposing topics, you are welcome to suggest possible webinar speakers (including yourself), active and knowledgeable in the respective field.

Best, Ivan

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Hi Ivan, 

I'd like to suggest to check Browsealoud from textHelp company in UK who are the world leaders in the assistive technology and have around 18 years of experience. Yesterday I attended one event where David Robinson was presenting Browsealoud products for people with disabilities - he could be a good speaker for the topic.

If you would like to cover another topic this time, it could be addressing poor people. One project example I've found out about is run by based in Belgium. They have tried to get people's who are facing poverty understanding and opinions about ICT. A short video about the project is here.

Hope any of this helps!



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