Smiles from loved ones are contagious, increase happiness and contribute to quality of life.

In this perspective, ICTSkills4All helps the elderly stay connected with their families by learning to master a few basic skills and providing them with useful free tools, particularly important during this period.

Nevertheless, ICTSklls4All is facing a major challenge: how to help the vulnerable and reduce their loneliness without putting them at risk? We are reaching out to you in order to join forces and tackle this issue together.


  • Share your opinion and thoughts: how have you been dealing with isolation and at the same time protecting the elderly?
  • Share our tools: explore our videos with your dear ones or your community and give us feedback!
  • Keep in touch: share stories, pictures, selfies, advice and… all contributions are welcome.

Check our contents on our WEBSITE or find us on Facebook

We are really looking forward to an inspiring exchange of thoughts!

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