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I found this recent study by EUN of particular interset !
During July and August 2014 European Schoolnet launched a survey with its Ministries of Education to get a more consistent picture on the topic of computer programming and coding skills in national, regional or school curricula across European countries. This report presents the main findings of this survey where 20 Ministries of Education gave an overview of their current initiatives and plans.

Among the main findings: computer programming and coding is already part of the curriculum in 12 countries: Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic*, Denmark, Estonia, Greece, Ireland, Italy*, Lithuania*, Poland, Portugal and the UK (England). This integration is mostly through national curriculum requirements, although in the countries asterisked this happens at regional or local level. 7 countries - Belgium Flanders, Spain, Finland, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Turkey plan to integrate Coding/programming in the curriculum.

We are all working to motivate our young people choose ICT careers or/and improve their ICT skills. It is good to know what happens in formal education sector in our countries.

Here the full text of publication :

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