Dear Youth Employability working group members!

We are looking forward to meeting you in Belgrade at the Youth Employability workshop which will take place on 24th September during the first day of TE Annual Conference.

We have prepared for you some interesting topics for discussion and to make the most of the 2 hours workshop, we would like to invite you to take a look at the workshop plan

First, six speakers will present their projects in two topics: ensuring a first job placement and non-formal trainings as alternative to formal. They will point out challenges they met and will ask the other participants how those can be overcome.

Then the group will split in two and each sub-group will further discuss those challenges, solutions, actions and finally, will make recommendations for policy makers. The latter will be brought to the attention of the European Commission, Members of the European Parliament and other EU networks.

Next steps to prepare for the workshop:

1. Have a look at the topics in the workshop plan

2. Suggest topics/projects you would like to discuss

3. Check later this week for the draft position paper we will share here. 

4. Official hashtags: #TEAC15 and #TEACemploy

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Thanks for sharing this information, Gabriela! I'd like to already encourage participants of this group to actively use mentioned hashtags during the conference time by sharing your takeaways on Twitter ;)

Also I want to introduce everyone to the first coding campaign in our Telecentre Europe network – Code Your Future. It started recently and will be running till the end of this year. It will be organised in telecentres to introduce coding to young people and children, especially those coming from disadvantaged communities.


The aim is to change the mind-set of how young people perceive digital skills and coding, and to motivate them to learn how to code in order to compete in the labor market and increase chances to get employed.

More online:

See you in Belgrade!

Hello everyone,
We have planned this session to be really productive, exploring the issues deeply and coming up with some practical policy recommendations. I want us to bust some myths about youth employability, present the things that are really working, could work in the future and could be scaled up significantly. I look forward to seeing you in Belgrade and creating some real momentum.

best wishes


Hello All,

We’ll be talking about YouRock.Jobs and how it could help young people to get their foot in the door as well as about some of the reasons employers struggle to recruit young people. I'll give you some interesting statistics from our users about the skills you might not expect young people to have and vice versa some that they do not have, unlike all the assumptions.
Looking forward to meeting you there!



I'd like to share some general info about project Generation 0101 which we'll discuss in Belgrade. 

Main goal of the project is to raise ICT skills among youth for employment in digital industries trough non-formal education. At the beginning of the project, research was implemented in order to investigate fostering environment on local, national and EU level in which project is implemented and to analyse project results taking into account different environments in which is implemented. Results of research will be presented at the conference.

At the moment we are developing educational modules in 7 areas: E-Journalism, Mobile App Development, Web Design, Easy Coding, Community Web Radio, Video and On-line collaboration. Development will result in: training of 35 trainers from 7 countries (Latvia, Lithuania, Italy, Cyprus, Turkey and Croatia) who will educate 245 young people. For the final proof of gained skills, young people will develop ICT solutions for NGOs, CSOs and other charity organisations during 7 Hackathons. 

All developed educational materials and ICT solutions will be open for use and available on project website. So you are all very welcomed to use it and test it in your own environments. 

See you in Belgrade!

We are looking forward to join the workshop. 

What is it-guide? New film about it-guide, check it out!

English substitle is abailable in the video that you can choose in the settings.

It-guide® is a project that has been in progress for five years in the city of Orebro, Sweden. Young immigrants, who have been in their new country for 1-3 years, help senior citizens with the Internet and everything there is to know about computers and mobile telephones. This summer there are 55 It-guides working at 4 different citys.  Our aim is to expand in Sweden and internationally. These it-guides have salary when they work as it-guide and it free for senior citizens to learn from the it-guides.

The goals of the project are to give young immigrants inspiration, insights, and contacts in the society and workplace. By working as an It-guide, they gain confidence and inspiration to learn the Swedish language. Youngsters also gain knowledge about Sweden's past and present. The project should also make the participants feel more included in society.

The goals are also to make more senior citizens feel like participants in the digital world and have positive meetings with the young immigrants.

Inclusion is the key word  - for young immigrants and for senior citizens.


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