Dear Members,

We are interested in Youth Guarantee and we would be really pleased if you could share your relevant experiece with us in this field and in connection with how to reach NEETs - Young people not in employment, education or training.

Thanks for your comments in advance.

Best regards,

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Thank you for your comment Henriett!

We would like to invite those members of the Youth Employability working group who have experience with the implementation of the youth guarantee on their national level to share their thoughts - how does it work in your countries? And how are NEETs being reached?

Thanks to everyone!

Dear Henriett, dear Gabriela,

starting from the last months of 2014, the Youth Guarantee programme had a great impact in Italy and, in particular, in the Umbria Region, where we are located.

It really depends on how the competent public authority (the Umbria Region in our case) decides to rule the programme and its funding measures, but in our case we had the chance to apply as an intermediary organization both for the organization of training courses and the matching between NEETs who prefer to have an internship period and the available companies/associations.

We have already interviewed more than 700 NEETs in our area, organized a 10ish of qualification courses in different fields and started almost 30 internship projects.

How to reach potentially interested NEETs? We used many different promotional channels, but the most efficient (also in terms of cost-benefits) was Facebook.

Also, differently from other training agencies in our territory, we have offered a personalized service for career guidance, completely free of charge, which was very much appreciated by our first users who also promoted it through word of mouth.

In fact, we immediately noticed that most of the NEETs do not really have any orientation and/or expectation for their professional life. A person-centered approach is fundamental to take out the best results from the youth guarantee programme and the European funds that allow its implementation.

With the hope that you will find my comment useful for your plans

Kind regards


p.s. this is our dedicated website (only in Italian)

Dear all,

for anyone interested in the Youth Guarantee - this position paper by the European Youth Forum on the implementation of the Youth Guarantee 2 years after its launch might be interesting. It identifies the current gaps in the youth guarantee delivering on its objectives.



Dear all,

again on the Youth Guarantee, the EC has published a report on piloting 18 projects for local partnerships in 7 countries for the implementation of the Youth Guarantee scheme, together with outreach strategies, which you can find useful:


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