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Welcome to the Youth Employability working group of UniteIT!

With high youth unemployment rates across Europe and an estimate of 900.000 unfilled ICT jobs before 2020, we need to empower young people now.

The focus of this group “Youth Employability” is young people and their digital skills that are required for jobs and future careers. The goal of our working group is to create coalition of different actors and stakeholders with different backgrounds who are contributing to development of young people’s digital skills and motivating them to choose ICT careers.

Potential group members are: representatives of NGOs and public institutions, libraries, schools, universities, industry organizations, ICT students, trainers, employers, researchers and all others willing to support youth employment and ICT career development.

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Latest activity: Apr 10, 2019

Summary of objectives and topics

Objectives of the working group

1.      Collect data: activities, initiatives, campaigns, resources, tools, impact metrics with respect to youth employment

2.      Propose joint activities: identify partnerships and opportunities for collaborative initiatives that could impact on youth employment

3.      Make policy recommendations: identify policy recommendations that could be beneficial to youth employment

Topics to address

1. Awareness

  • Importance of digital skills among young people: exploring the issues and barriers
  • Encouraging young people to choose ICT careers: exploring issues and barriers

2. Tools, Campaigns, Resources

  • Profiling tools and methodologies that help young people according to their ICT skills level and potential
  • Support schemes for young people to upgrade their ICT skills (Pan- European, national)
  • Employment/employability campaigns
  • Best training practices and tools to upgrade ICT skills for young people
  • Best motivation schemes and good practices initiatives to replicate/upscale

3. Skills matching

  • Linking young peoples’ career plans with employer needs at two levels
    • At a general level
    • At a higher level within the gaming, cloud and mobile sectors
  • Helping young people understand what skills are needed to get a new digital job, and where these resources can be accessed locally

 4. IT Apprenticeships, Internships & mentoring

  • Encouraging and supporting industry to create valuable apprenticeships and internships
  • Enabling and encouraging in-service ICT training (when its often the first area to be cut in difficult economic times) to build a wider base of highly skilled IT professionals
  • Mentoring schemes
  • Overcome geographic issues for young people to be able to afford to take up schemes away from their homes

Group Discussions

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