Age: 38 years old
Position at Telecentre: Telecentre Operator
Years in Service (at current telecentre): 8 years
Years in Service (at current position): 8 years

Telecentre/Employer Information

Name of Telecentre: Punt Òmnia del Centre Cívic de l'Escorxador
City: La Seu d'Urgell
: Spain
Region: Europe
Name of Nominating Individual/Entity: Generalitat de Catalunya Departament de Benestar i Família - Xarxa Òmnia



The telecentre in the town of La Seu d'Urgell is active since 2001. The facilitator got to know the Òmnia network working as a street educator in a project with youth and was a user of the centre assisting to one of the ICT workshops they were teaching.

She joined as a facilitator in 2003 and working for the Òmnia network was a big challenge for her. She was used to work with youth at risk only and now started to work with a range of ages, from older people through youth, children, adults, women's groups, ... and it was not only ages but all sorts of different types of persons.

ICT began to have a unifying strength and many people were staying behind in the digital divide, so we had to work long and hard, and a profound use of ICT tools was needed in our campaign to reach all this people.

She found she had to learn ICT herself to be able to teach workshops and it is because of all this learning and sharing it with others, that 8 years later she still continues to work at the centre with the same enthusiasm and motivation.

Esther lives in the Catalan Pyrenees and these mountain areas are not areas with big resources, and less technological resources, but thanks to the project more and more people have an idea about ICT.

Working in the Omnia  network project has given her the responsibility to make this philosophy reach as much people as possible, some with more and others with less knowledge, but all eager to learn. 

At the beginning it was a hard job to convince people and the centre had only few participants but gradually ​​the project became more established in the city.

Soon she realized that there was a sector of the population that did not access ICT. If we assume that the term Omnia means "ALL", its purpose was to contact groups and associations of people with physical and mental health problems. Now it is one of the "major groups" with whom the centre works.

Contribution to Digital Literacy and Community Development:

Esther has always been open to any type of collaboration and this is precisely one of the strengths of the Omnia network: to be able to get in touch and networking with other organizations, associations, or simply to network with the social services of the county or of the small town. This is also vital to actively contribute to the project and reach as many people as possible.

Currently there are about 300 people registered for the workshops which is a very high number for a city that consists of 12,000 inhabitants, as an yearly basis the centre obtains approximately 9000 uses.

From the Omnia network centre she collaborates and contributes with different organizations and groups, some of which are:

- Education of the City council areas of La Seu d'Urgell.

- Consortium of Care for People.

- Stage management of people in the Third Age of the City of La Seu d'Urgell.

- Equality council areas of the City of La Seu d'Urgell.

- UEC (Junior high school students)

- Casal de Young Civic Center Seu d'Urgell.

- Regional Plan of Immigration.

- Workshop Claror (collective physical and mental disabilities).

- Centre for Mental Health Day Foundation Hospital Sant Seu d'Urgell.

- Aspid - group of people with physical disabilities.

Thanks to these last three groups and organizations and after 6 years of work, in 2009 the centre finally received material adapted for people with disabilities (materials such as mice, keyboards, touch screens ...). This has helped these people to do a great individual and collective progress. Those people are now able to better use ICT as the material helps them according to their type of disability and Esther as a facilitator helps them to take on new professional challenges within the Project. Everything is progressing very fast.

We offer different virtual spaces where you can appreciate the work done by these collectives, ranging from magazines, blogs, videos ... These are the web addresses:

We also report on different sites where Esther has participated, sharing and contributing by, for example, articles about disability and ICT or simply sharing activities with others energisers:

Leadership, Partnership and Resource Mobilisation:

It is important to explain that since the beginning of the project in the Catalan Pyrenees, the managing entity has given Esther the responsibility to carry out a social project of a considerous magnitude and in a rural community, located in the mountains.

Since the beginning, the entity, in this case the City of La Seu d'Urgell in coordination with the project leader of the Family & Welfare Department of the Generalitat of Catalonia, has opted for ICT and also for a social project by and for people.

It has been a job that could count  on a good coordination between the facilitator and the social area of the City Council and at all times the project was being reinforced to grow and develop and have a great impact on local and regional level, making it a reference in this city and in the mountain area.

In this way, the career of the facilitator, her social profile and of community growth, her education and training, her motivation and enthusiasm and the exponential growth that she has developed within the Omnia network project and within the city of La Seu d'Urgell has made that everybody believes in the project at the level of giving support, reinforcement, materials, opportunities and resources.

At all times she counted on the material resources, and she has been attentive to the changes suffered by the people in the region, and to the demands of the people with disabilities that visited the centre for gaining access to ICTs, thereby facilitating the work to optimally focus the action and activity that requires the project.

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