Age: 55 years old
Position at Telecentre: Telecentre Operator
Years in Service (at current telecentre): 9 years
Years in Service (at current position): 9 years


Telecentre/Employer Information

Name of Telecentre: Punt Òmnia Casa Caritat de Valls
: Valls (Tarragona)
Country: Spain
Region: Europe
Name of Nominating Individual/Entity: Generalitat de Catalunya Departament de Benestar i Família - Xarxa Òmnia



Luisa joined the project in the town of Valls since the beginning in the year 2002, with an initial contract of 20 hours. Her initial tasks were bringing the project to the public and starting off with the management, primarily focused on community building and free access for adults, children and youth.

Today, almost 10 years later, the project is well established both locally and in the county since its development has been growing as it was settling and reaching more people, and as it was expanding its services and activities.

This resulted was mainly due to Luisa’s motivation, enthusiasm and professional capacity to make the Òmnia telecentre a benchmark at the level of ICT (new technologies) across the region.

Currently there are two telecentres in the city of Valls (Casa Caritat and Civic Center The Whip), 3 classrooms with 30 computers, a workshop for adult training, incident management, TPV room with 6 computers and a room with 30 more computers.

At the level of team work Luisa has passed from working only 20h for the Omnìa point to coordinating and energizing a team of 6 trainers.

Over the past 10 years Luisa took training herself through a variety of courses related to ICT and on the social and community part of the project: University Extension Course in facilitation for the Omnia project, Master in the facilitation of the society of information and knowledge, and some more specific training modules related to the methodology of intervening with the different existing communities.

Currently the training that is offered a the centre are 20 workshops of 20 hours each plus spaces for community use, reaching weekly statistics of 250 participants.

Contribution to Digital Literacy and Community Development:

As for the communities, Luisa has been permanently expanding the network of partnerships and services and we can say today that within the scope of the project, we are working with all the vulnerable groups of the city: children, young people migrated, the elderly, disabled,.. and she has been networking with all agencies and services that somehow are linked to these communities: social services, youth, the immigrant service, retirement homes, women's associations, education plans of the district, ...

Within this section it is important to comment that all of this has been favoured by the dynamics of the entity and its facilitator Luisa, and because the project is a leader in the field of vocational training and in the social area of the town of Valls.

The project that Luisa has conducted as a coordinator has directly been involved into different programs: ENDE for training women in new technologies, ACCEDO for the access to ICTs of people with disabilities, the KC4ALL European program that offers a specific methodology for the job insertion of people, and the centre also is approved as an official accreditation center in ICT skills, and to train  people to employment through the Connecta't program, among others.

Referring to the programs for insertion in the labor market, Luisa has incorporated responsibilities that forced her to adapt to the ICT training of all programs involved from the Shared Schooling Unit, the Department of Education of the Generalitat de Catalunya and the occupational training programs for unemployed people.

Furthermore, Luisa has been doing extensive work in the dissemination of small workshops and ICT-related talks that go beyond the groups at risk of social exclusion, thus giving access to the entire population of the town.

These activities received the participation of different organizations and city services such as the Institute of Secondary Education, the City Council, the Social Security, the primary medical service, and so on.

Leadership, Partnership and Resource Mobilisation:

Taking into account all things specified in the preceding paragraphs, both resource mobilization and strategic relations with the services of the territory, has been taken up by Luisa, together with the support that the entity (Casa Caritat) has provided at all times. She thus managed to increase the quality of the Òmnia telecentre and its impact on the citizen, making it a reference in the territory.

Luisa was trained in a totally different professional environment than ICT, but has taken up all the necessary training to be able to adapt herself to what the project was becoming and how it was evolving. She became a comfortable user in a world that was totally unknown to her before, and through which she acquired a much broader vision on the action field that now relates her to the Omnia centre which she had entered 9 years ago.

This factor largely influences the achievements she made and the motivation, enthusiasm and satisfaction Luisa demonstrates every day in performing the project.

The work environment and the possibilties given to her from the entity of the Valls Òmnia Point has favored, without any no doubt, the growth of her action scope... Since the beginning she has been involved in supporting economic resources to the project, taking into account the lack of subsidies that should facilitate the achievement of her work.

The synergies that were happening in all directions have also increased her responsibilities on an ongoing basis, as the place where the Omnia telecentre is located is a space that brings together lots of collaborative services.

En resumen, Luisa ha puesto mucho entusiasmo, motivación, horas de trabajo, ha sabido aprovechar las oportunidades que tenía a su alcance y hacer evolucionar de una manera exponencial su trabajo.

To summarize, Luisa has put a lot of enthusiasm, motivation & work hours, and has taken advantage of the opportunities given to her to evolve her work in an exponential way.

To say it in her words: ... "as soon as you get into to it, you’re hooked!

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