Age: 54 years old
Position at Telecentre: Telecentre Operator
Years in Service (at current telecentre): 9 years
Years in Service (at current position): 9 years 


Telecentre/Employer Information

Name of Telecentre: Punt TIC del Solsonès
City: Solsona
Country: Spain
Region: Europe
Name of Nominating Individual/Entity: Centre Tecnòlogic Forestal de Catalunya



After fifteen years in private practice as a psychologist, she began working for the County Council first as a project operator and then as chief of a staff of about 150 forest workers who cleaned the forest of the area that burned in 1998. Subsequently, the Forest Technology Centre of Catalonia hired her to perform the duties of principal the school for forest restoration, where she taught ICT and other cross training activities.

At the same time she began to collaborate with the activities of the telecentre that was inaugurated in 2002 and in 2003 she began to perform tasks as a facilitator, an activity that she continues today and that she combines with other activities of local and rural development:

  • technician of the Group on equal opportunities
  • technician of the Rural living Lab Pirineus
  • coordinator of international life long learning projects throughout Grundtvig, TIRA (Transfer of skills and innovation for rural area) and COFE (Conciliation for Equality in the XXI Century)
  • examinator of the ACTIC Center (Accreditation in Information Technology and Communication)
  • manager of the Mentor Classroom (on-line learning platform of the Ministry of Education).

To perform these actions the facilitator has been taking various training courses to carry out her job as efficiently as possible: a course for the administrators of the Mentor programme, a course on the free software package GIMP, on online transaction management, on telework in rural areas, English, on equal opportunities (and its practical application in the area of employment), on non-sexist online communication, on techniques for counseling and job placement, various ICT conference days, a Conference on the reconciliation between work and family life, a Master in occupational Health and Safety and a Master in ICT facilitation.

Contribution to Digital Literacy and Community Development:

Since the beginning, the facilitator's role was to promote the dissemination, awareness and digital literacy training, which at first was exclusively face to face and on the introduction level. At the same time she managed the activities of a small business incubator located within the Telecentre, where she performed long-term business advice and promoted activities related to telework.

Between 2006 and 2011 the facilitator has given 80 ICT courses at different levels (616 students), examined 118 people for the Actic exam and tested 64 students for the Mentor Classroom

Starting from the specific activities as a facilitator of the telecentre she participated in the organisation of events related to ICT and rural development: conference days on ICT, a Rural Development Conference, a Conference on Women Entrepreneurs and the Organisation of international meetings in different European projects of Grundtvig.

In relation to the promotion of ICT and rural development, the facilitator has been a speaker at:
2007 Course on agro-rural marketing and ICT – summer university of Lleida
2007 Third Online  Congress of Observatory for the Cybersociety: ​​speaker at the round table "Organize time for the Reconciliation between work and family life", organized by the city of Lleida
2008 Conference on Social Internet (Cornellà)
2009 Congress on the Cibersociety
2010 Summer school of the University of San Sebastian
2010 Seminar at the Department of Agriculture (Barcelona)

Leadership, Partnership and Resource Mobilisation:

The facilitator has always been involved in the search for resources, both for the telecentre as for other rural development actions. The search for funding has been one of the most important jobs she had, together with the implementation of projects that are in the interest of the society.

Since 2009 the facilitator cogenerated an innovation project that gave content to the actions already carried out but which at the same time would also involve the end users. The telecentre presented the project “Rural Living Lab Pyrenees” to the Ministry of Industry (Plan Avanza funding) which was approved, and through which various activities have been conducted at three levels: Corporate, Social and Environmental (the last one in cross connection with other areas of the Technology Centre). The Rural Living Lab Pyrenees  has been considered as a social innovation space in 2010 and is part of the network of Living Labs Europe since 2011.

The Rural Living Lab Pyrenees (RLLP) is a project that has the ambition to create an environment in which products or services can be developed, using the exchange of knowledge. The project aims to combine and gather the information and knowledge within society to achieve a significant degree of innovation in the rural areas.

Among the actions carried out by the facilitator between 2009 and 2011 we can include following business innovation project:

  • Solsones Business Incubator
    The Solsonès business incubator is an initiative that aims to empower the existing network of entrepreneurs and to encourage the economic dynamism throughout the region. 4 companies are already working her and with the expansion (since May 2011) a total of 13 companies will install them in the incubator which will create between 30 and 38 permanent workplaces and indirectly between 15 and 20 jobs.
  • Participation in the crisis committee of the county.
    Since two years, the technician of the Rural Living Lab Pyrenees has been participating in the regular roadmap meetings that take place between the entities that are responsible for the economy in the region.

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