Telecentre Europe Awards 2016: Best Digital Changemaker

Category: Digital Changemaker


Changemaker is a term created by the social entrepreneurship organization Ashoka, meaning one who desires change in the world and, by gathering knowledge and resources, makes that change happen. Changemakers seek the only change that really matters – social change, the change that helps people. Furthermore, they strive to achieve a change that will not only help the state of man, but also reach as many people as possible.

Digital changemakers are committed individuals called to lead the refocusing and adjustment of existing ICT for learning and inclusion initiatives towards a more effective support of youth (aged 14-30) employability and entrepreneurship. Examples: leaders of telecentres and telecentre networks, ICT educators, job and entrepreneurship mentors, young digital entrepreneurs and founders of ICT companies, community leaders, policy makers.

This category is organized together with I-LINC project.

Best Entries

The Best entries were chosen by voting. Voting was done by Unite-IT community members during September 6-14, 2016; they were to 'like' the entry they thought was the most powerful. A member could only choose ONE entry per category. Member profiles were checked for authenticity, and double votes (for more than one entry) were disqualified. 

Assessment criteria:

  • Achievements: Contribution to community development, support of youth employability and entrepreneurship.
  • Social change and impact: Improving digital skills / reducing digital gap at national / regional level.
  • Leadership: Interaction/co-operation with partners, resource mobilization.

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