Telecentre Europe Awards 2016: Best E-Facilitator

Category: Best e-Facilitator

The “E-facilitator” term embraces the range of people facilitating the digital training/empowering process in centres, including trainers, tutors, moderators, assistants, etc. - each centre may have a different name for this role. E-facilitators can be employed or be volunteers, but they work directly with users teaching and supporting them.

Telecentres would have no success without their hardworking e-facilitators, who are in the first line of digital inclusion by eradicating fear of using new technologies, thus bringing technology into people’s lives. They bring people online and teach them the right behaviour, opening new perspectives, enabling better jobs, and enhancing their communities.

Best Entires

The Best entries were chosen by voting. Voting was done by Unite-IT community members during September 6-14, 2016; they were to 'like' the entry they thought was the most powerful. A member could only choose ONE entry per category. Member profiles were checked for authenticity; and double votes (for more than one entry) were disqualified.



Assessment criteria:

  • Quantitative results: Number of years worked, people trained/supported in relation to the scope of the centre, courses taught/developed if applicable.
  • Professionalism and dedication: Demonstrated expertise on delivering digital education and on empowering people to use new technologies; unique approaches to teaching.
  • Social impact: Outcomes of work, how the trainees’ lives have changed, results of the training such as jobs found, stayed in workforce, new businesses established, new processes introduced, etc.

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