How to publish/edit event

To add a new event click on the events in the navigation menu and you will be taken to the main events page where upcoming events are displayed.

If you want to see past events, you can click on “Past Events” button on the top of the main section. Besides that, there are also buttons “My Events” which displays events user is attending, and “Upcoming Events” to see future events. On the right side there is a list of filters “Popular Event Types” in which you can select an item to filter the events by certain type.

3.4.1. Adding a new event

In the top right corner of the main section in the Events part of the platform there is a “+Add” button that is used to create a new event. Upon clicking it, the Add an Event page is displayed in which you fill out the form with information about the event. Besides usual form fields, user can set the event’s type from a dropdown list of common event types, the starting and ending time/date of the event, event’s location and other useful information.

In the end, you can choose the privacy setting of the event, i.e. whether everyone can attend and see details or only invited people. In addition to that, one can choose to disable RSVP and/or hide the guest list.

Similar to the blogpost, a Facebook share checkbox is available if you want to share this event on social network.

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