Telecentre Europe Awards 2016: Best Multi-Stakeholder Partnership

Category: Best Multi-Stakeholder Partnership

A multi-stakeholder partnership is defined as "a partnership between parties drawn from at least three different stakeholder groups, namely from government, business and civil society, that strategically aggregate the resources and competencies of each to realise a shared vision and goal and operate on the principles of shared risk, costs and mutual benefit.

Multi-stakeholder partnerships can mobilise constituencies and stakeholders to collaborate to address national or regional strategies in areas such as training, certifying skills, awareness raising, all related to digital skills. They can be composed of relevant stakeholders, which can be ICT and ICT-using companies, education and training providers, education and employment Ministries, public and private employment services, associations, NGOs and social partners. Example: National and Local Coalitions for Digital Jobs


The Best entries were chosen by voting. Voting was done by Unite-IT community members during September 6-14, 2016; they were to 'like' the entry they thought was the most powerful. A member could only choose ONE entry per category. Member profiles were checked for authenticity; and double votes (for more than one entry) were disqualified.

Assessment criteria:

  • Constituency: Number of active partners and representation of relevant sectors.
  • Impact: Demonstrated impact on awareness raising and actions to boost digital skills.
  • Sustainability: The initiative has ensured some means of funding or a business model in the medium to long term to be able to maintain its operations and outcomes.

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