General guidelines


1. General guidelines

The platform is divided into several main sections. The new design features a header with the navigation menu, main content section, sidebar on the right and the footer section. The look of the platform, i.e. the contents that are shown depend whether the user is signed in or not.

2. Main sections

   Header with navigation

   Header contains three parts:

  • the uppermost bar (black), which displays the links to sign in/out or to sign up and the link to user’s profile page,
  • header image,
  • navigation menu, which displays links to different parts of the platform depending whether the user is signed in or not and his/her level of authorization.

   Main content section

Main section is located below the header to the left and it is used to display majority of the platform’s content depending on the part of the page user visits. On the home page, it features slider, list of community groups, latest featured blogposts and latest community activity.

   Latest community activity

The latest community activity part of the main page is the closest thing to newsfeed on other social networks such as Facebook. Here you can share “little things”, like share a link to some interesting content or simply ask a question. For these “little things” it is easier to do it this way than to create a whole blogpost or open a new discussion.


The sidebar displays personalized user links (e.g. private messages, edit profile, etc.), upcoming events and images of sponsors. Sidebar’s content also depends on the user being signed in or not because of the personalized user links.


The footer displays standard copyright and disclaimer, but there is also the link to the platform’s privacy policy.

3. Content parts of the platform

The platform contents include:

  • About
    • Members
    • User Guidelines
    • Photos
    • Videos
    • FAQ
  • Blogposts
  • Events
  • Working Groups
  • Resources
  • My Page
  • Manage (only for administrators).


In the About section you can find Members (available for members, that is signed in users), User Guidelines, Photos, Videos and FAQ.

   Photos and Videos

We invite you to share the photos and videos from your events and from your everyday work.

How to add photos and videos? See the help page with step-by-step instructions.


The Blogposts part of the platform contains all the blogs posted by users on various topics. Below the links to the latest blogposts, there are several lists, such as: featured blogposts, latest blogposts, most popular blogposts, as well as monthly archives for easier navigation.

Every blog has the comment feature, so we encourage you to add comments to other members' blogposts, ask questions and participate in discussions.

Would you like to write a blog? You can check the blogging guidelines and find the instructions on how to publish and edit a blogpost here.


The Events part of the platform is where you can find all of the events, both upcoming and past, by different categories or date. 

Would you like to add your own event? Please check the help guide on how to add an event.


   Working groups

Working groups are places where anyone interested in one of the key topics can ask questions, discuss any issues, and share their knowledge.

Would you like to participate? Please see the guidelines on how to use the working groups.


In the Resources we have collected good practices, e-Inclusion policies, and digital resources to use for training, promotional, awareness raising activities, as well as for inspiration.

Would you like to contribute your resource?  E-mail to us. Describe your resource using the same structure/fields as in the resource description

   My page

'My page' is similar to profile pages on social networks. Here you can post a status (displayed in the Latest Community Activity on the home page), add some text about you, and change your personal information (profile image, information about your organisation, how you are connected with digital inclusion, etc.).

What to write in the status? Some short information when there is no need to write a blogpost. If you would like to share the link to an interesting article or resources, make a short announcement with the link to the website of your organisation, or if you have a question and look for answers from the community.

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