Working groups guidelines

When you visit the Working groups link, the first thing that is displayed is the list of groups with short description of the group, and the information about how many members does a certain group has.

You can then continue to click on a group of your choice. If you are not a member of the group then the button “+Join group name” will be displayed, and if you click it, you will either join the group automatically or will be asked to wait until the group moderator approves your request to join the group.

If the join button is not displayed it means that you are either already a member of that group or that the moderator configured the group to accept new members by invite only.

The working group content is divided into several smaller content areas, and in this part, the sidebar is not displayed. The content areas include:

  • Information - which displays general information about the group and its members,
  • Group discussions - where you can share your thoughts and opinions about various topics,
  • Summary of topics - where you can find general topics guide for certain group,
  • Members – the list of members who are in the group besides you, and
  • Pages - which displays a list of pages connected with the group if there are any.

Both members and non-members can see the group contents but only members can add comments, join on the discussions, and generally, create or add contents.

3.3.1 Post a discussion

As a member of the group, you can comment and discuss on other people’s topics, but you can also start a discussion about your own topic. To do that, you need to click on “+Post a Discussion” button which is located below the last discussion in the Group Discussions area.

After you have finished you can choose to preview your post or to publish it.

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