Working with text editor

Working with the text editor

The text editor is very similar to any other desktop text editor. It doesn't have as many formatting options as desktop editors but it can accomplish the tasks needed on the platform.

The editor offers a feature of HTML editing (Visual Mode versus HTML Editor tabs). If you are familiar with HTML mark-up, you can tweak your post better with this option, but if you are not, then it is strongly advised not to change any HTML code because you can lose your work.

Main editor features

Besides the usual B – bold, I – italic, U - underscore, bullet points, etc. buttons, which everyone is already familiar with, the editor has the ability to add links, images, media, attach files and paste as plain text.

Paste as plain text - we recommend using this option, especially if you copy your text from another website. Other websites can have hidden editing code, and if you are not familiar with HTML, it will be very hard to edit your text on this platform. 

Every one of these buttons, except the “Paste as plain text” one, opens up its own additional window, in which you fill out the details about each upload. 

To add a link you should enter the link URL and the text of the link or select the text for the link in the editor prior to clicking the add link button.

If you want to attach a file, you just have to select the file from your computer and choose the title once the file has been selected. It is advised that you do not change the Link URL manually (just let it be).

To add media (video), it is only necessary to paste the embed code from some of the internet media providers (Youtube, Vimeo, etc.).

And finally, to add an image you again choose the file from your computer, or provide a URL to the file. After that you can choose the layout of your image, padding, and width. Do not change the link to your image.

See the screenshots of pop-up windows:


Adding an image

The most important thing is NOT to copy-paste photos, but use the photo adding tab in the editor.

Click on the image icon in the editor, and in the pop-up window (as on the image on the left) you will need to:

1) browse your files to choose the necessary image;

2) choose the layout (whether the photo is on the left or right. NOTE: it seems like 'center' doesn't work in many browsers as of July 2018)

3) make sure to add the padding (frame around the photo) - usually 10-20 pixels are enough. If you don't add the padding, your photo will be right next to the text, which doesn't look good at all.

4) if you don't want your picture to occupy the whole screen, set the width - we recommend 350-400 pixels.

You wrote a blog, want to publish it, but the system gives you an error. What could be wrong?

  • If you copy-paste the photo, instead of adding it through the editor (please follow the instructions on adding the image above).
  • Smiley! We have found out (by trial and error) that the system doesn't accept the smileys or similar emoticons
  • If you copy-paste the text from other website (it could have some hidden editing code). We recommend pasting it as plain text or via html tab of the editor

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