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International contest on digital games and tools for entrepreneurial education

The Erasmus+ project ENtrepreneurial GAmes for Growing Europeans – EN.GA.G.E contributes to rethink education by fostering the entrepreneurial transversal skills and entrepreneurial culture with the help of digital games.…


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ALL DIGITAL Week in Sweden 2018

This blog post will be updated with more content really soon!

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Cooperation between sectors: Partnership for change

Ljubljana, April 2018. Simbioza Genesis, social enterprise, joined the exchange program of Partnership for Change for the second year, in order to exchange experiences and knowledge with the public sector. Within this project Mrs Jelka from Ministry of Infrastructure joined our team for the week. Together we exchanged best practices from our work and our projects, where she gave us an…


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Finland: From Digiblaha to digiaha

It may seem strange that a country as technologically focused as Finland has never been a part of the ALL DIGITAL Week movement in Europe. After all, should we not think of digital inclusion as one of our key challenges in society today?

The answer is yes.

We should and we must…


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QR Code: Combining national tradition and modern technology

Welcome to Veliki Borak, a place nearby Belgrade, where pupils of a local primary school „Knez Sima Markovic“ enhance their digital skills every day thanks to creative teachers and where learning is fun thanks to modern…


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ALL DIGITAL Week in Macedonia 2018

This year, the iVote foundation in Macedonia was the ALL DIGITAL national partner for the first time! As completely new and almost inexperienced national partner of the ALL DIGITAL Campaign, the iVote foundation is so proud of the benefits of the activities…


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MOOC for Learning to Code

What is the best way to learn coding?  Over 1,000 participants, who benefited from the opportunity to learn seven popular programming languages during the Week of Code on MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) created by the Togliatti…


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Embracing the Online World

The ALL DIGITAL Week became a significant event in most regions of Russia, from Kaliningrad through Komsomolsk-on-Amur, enabling over 30,000 people irrespective of age, gender, physical ability, or socio-economic status, to access the opportunities the digital world offers, and acquire and/or increase their digital skills they need to fully participate in society.



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Web accessibility – make the Internet available for all!

The internet is an essential way to access and provide information and services. Web accessibility allows everyone, including people with disabilities, to perceive, understand, navigate and interact with the internet. The lack or absence of accessibility contributes to the exclusion or partial exclusion of…


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ALL DIGITAL Week 2018 Germany: The ALL DIGITAL Week is for everybody!

For the sixth time, Stiftung Digitale Chancen (SDC) was the German national partner for the ALL DIGITAL Week. SDC led the campaign with the support from Scientific Institute of the Technical University of Dortmund and 21st Century Competence Centre. 

With the tagline “The ALL DIGITAL Week is…


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Information literacy and digital literacy in the 21st century

The students and teachers will take part at training activities, documentary research lessons, cyber security, awareness and educational activities about the risks and benefits of the Internet, copyrights, media resources, creative programming lessons, online games, watching…


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ALL DIGITAL Week 2018 in Serbia

All Digital Week 2018 in Serbia this year engaged…


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All Digital Week 2018, Romania, Bucharest, “Elena Cuza” National College

All Digital Week 2018, organised by the EOS Foundation, ANBPR (The National Association of Public Libraries and Librarians from Romania) and APDETIC (The Association of Manufacturers and Distributors of Equipment for Information Technology and Communications), has offered our students the opportunity to explore the field of cybersecurity.

Seventeen students of 9th grade, from “Elena Cuza” National College have enrolled into the online course "Introduction to Cybersecurity"…


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All Digital Ring | Scratch project to be shared

ALL DIGITAL RING, a Scratch project that we all can use in any training action.

Some data after the All Digital Week regarding to the All Digital Ring:…


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Media Literacy | True or False, what do you believe?

792 participants | 491 forms completed…


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Traditional and New Features of ALL DIGITAL Week 2018 in Lithuania

It is not so easy to run the campaign for the 8th time and attract citizens with some new activities.  This year ALL DIGITAL Week 2018 sent out a clear message -  we should step up our efforts to understand and embody changes in digital technology and adapt new knowledge, both at work and in…


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Big events also take place in small libraries

Our locality – Pietrari, Romania - is a small settlement where 2,900 people live. There is one school here, and our young people study in nearby towns, being commuters or living there. For this reason, our campaign addressed children, unemployed, pensioners and teachers, lacking…


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Colegiul Național „Petru Rareș” Beclean participating to DIGITÁLIS TÉMAHÉT 2018

Between 11 - 13 April 2018, at Colegiul Național „Petru Rareș” Beclean, we are organizing a digital thematic week, thanks to the „DIGITÁLIS TÉMAHÉT” program.…


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ALL DIGITAL Week in the Russian Province

The Volgograd region was a great example of the ALL DIGITAL Week  success in Russia. On 19-25 March 2018,  63 libraries of the region hosted 113 events for school children and their parents, students, teachers, and senior citizens.…


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ALL DIGITAL Week - CEFE MACEDONIA, Creation and development of a Business Plan

This workshop was focused on helping the young people in realization of their business idea. Most of the young people have great ideas for business, but they don't know how to set up a nice business plan and don't know what are the certain elements that are crucial in leading their way to success and might cause them troubles on the way. This workshop was all about the creation of a complete business plan, that took into consideration all of the business elements and eliminate as much as…


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