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'Be Internet Citizens' in Brussels

After having participated in the “Be Internet Citizens' training of trainers” Workshop, organized by ALL DIGITAL, Google Europe, and…


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Digital Marathon in Volgograd, Russia

The IT for Youth Project center based in the Volgograd State Agricultural University celebrated the ALL DIGITAL Week with the Digital Marathon that started in the university and spread to schools and children's centers in Volgograd and the region.

The goal of…


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ALL DIGITAL WEEK in Dortmund - Get your job online

Today digital skills are very important in nearly every context. In our free time, we communicate via social media, use online shopping portals and streaming services to watch movies or listen to music. But digital competences are as well needed in a lot of jobs and working areas. For example most of employers prefer online job applications because of…


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ALL DIGITAL WEEK in Dortmund - #openyoureyes - face cyberbully

In our workshop "#openyoureyes - face cyberbully" we wanted to react to the change of media. Today our society uses the media daily; it is known as the trend "always on". On social platforms we are communicating with other people, we are sharing our lives and activities with others, and we are using them for entertainment. Also young people…


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All Generations Understand the importance of Digital Literacy Skills

CONNECTED LITHUANIA project increases the pace. After 3 national campaigns run, 500 digital leaders selected and a lot of administration job done, one of the main project activities – digital literacy training in public libraries has recently started by the project implementer association Langas į ateitį.

Digital literacy training is expected to involve 100,000 adult participants from all municipalities of the country. Everyone interested can join a…


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More than 300 people participate in the European ALL DIGITAL WEEK in actions of the Association Somos Digital

This year, coinciding with the European Week of Media Literacy, the ALL DIGITAL WEEK has given special importance to media literacy and critical thinking in the digital training process. As in previous years, the association Somos Digital (We are Digital) joined this initiative with the organization of several free courses and workshops that were taught online through the web and in face-to-face format from the CyL network of spaces…


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ALL DIGITAL Week 2019 - Bulgaria

During ALL DIGITAL Week in Bulgaria there were 95 events held in more than 24 different points across the country. The organized events attracted the attention of the public, and as a result more than 1700 people received answers to the ever more up-to-date topics of our daily life related to the digitization of the…


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ALL DIGITAL Week 2019 in Dortmund - an interesting experience!

Even though it was the 5th time the ALL DIGITAL Week Dortmund was organized by students at University of Dortmund, it was the first ALL DIGITAL Week for this years students. To work at a project like this, connected with partners and participants, create and lead workshops and evaluate our activities was and still is a new and exciting experience…


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ALL Digital Week 2019 in Latvia

During  Digital week 2019, more than 28 000  Latvian citizens throughout country  have used the opportunity to acquire new digital  skills and  explore opportunities provided by digital  technologies.  Latvia has been one of the most active participants of the  European  All Digital week for the tenth consecutive year.



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"Culture meets digital" during the ALL DIGITAL Week 2019

The primary school Keune in the small city Forst organized in cooperation with the Stiftung Digitale Chancen (Digital Opportunities Foundation, SDC) a five-day training for their young students during the ALL DIGITAL Week 2019. During the training, the children learned how to make music with tablets, how to control a computer game with dough and cables and…


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ALL DIGITAL Week 2019 in Germany: Be Digital - Improve and Share Your Skills!

I n order to disseminate the ALL DIGITAL Week, Stiftung Digital Chancen (Digital Opportunities Foundation, SDC) contacted more than 6.000 organisations such as digital competence centres, retirement homes, care and meeting places for disadvantaged groups all over Germany. These organisations responded with 87 events and workshops that were promoted on the…


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ALL DIGITAL Week in Dortmund - Workshop "Facebook... and then?"

In the week from March 25-31 the All Digital Week took place in Dortmund for the fifth year in a row.

As mentioned before, a group of students studying BA in rehabilitation science at University of Dortmund, created several interactive workshops for supporting digital inclusion. 800 people from different institutions could be reached…


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The DataBuzz goes live!

The wheels are finally rolling! The Vrije Universiteit Brussel #DataBuzz (operational at schools as of next academic year 2019-2020), has at its root aims to build critical data literacy skills for children aged 10-18 in the Brussels region.

Providing already several experiences with school groups at a remote location before the start of next year, our team will work with schools employing a mobile unit (the DataBuzz) equipped with innovative and…


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Don't be fooled! A media literacy initiative by AUPEX

The ALL DIGITAL Week 2019 was preceded by the first European Media Literacy Week. During those 15 days, each of the 75 digital competence centres of Extremadura (Spain) organised at least one interactive talk about disinformation, fake news and job offers and different concepts related to quality information and those digital skills needed in order to make an effective and responsible use of…


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#SHU2019 - Social Hackathon Umbria 2019

Social Hackathon Umbria 2019 (#SHU2019) is an international contest for the co-creation of digital solutions with a positive impact for the environment, which will take place from the 4th to…


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All Digital Week 2019 in Cyprus

Following up the success of the previous years, the students workshop "Coding our Future" was organized once again in the framework of the All Digital Week in order to engage primary school students in gaining coding skills.

The workshop was offered to Primary school children, and, depending on the age, the following workshops took place:

  • 1st and 2nd grade: Introduction to coding with the use of "Run Marco" and "Robot mouse"
  • 3rd…

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My last project

I want to share with you my project named ,, #FootballPeople weeks " -

Football against racism and discrimination

F.A.R.E.- 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 ”

Our project are relate to…


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Let’s Jam! It's time to create Virtual Reality Worlds

 Among an incredible diversity of exciting and inspiring events provided by the Togliatti State University within the tenth ALL DIGITAL Week, the first Hackathon on Creating Web based virtual reality (VR) apps (Web VR Jam) was an absolute hit!

 The hackathon targeted…


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One of the 2018 ALL DIGITAL Best Event, THE ALL DIGITAL RING, presents its 2.0 version in 2019.

For this campaign, users cocreated their own -local- contents in order to reinvent a LOCAL RING with


Moreover, they connected Scratch with a Raspberry Pi, so correct and wrong answers activate green

and red LEDs, respectively. A fun way of making the most of this awesome game while improving digital skills on coding, robotics, collaboration and content…


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Over 200 people participated during ALL DIGITAL Week in a two-phase training with a collaborative approach that has helped to improve participants' skills, engagement and motivation to make the most of digital technologies, understanding their own way to self-empower in a glocal digital world.…


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