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The life...stronger than the movies

A selection of personal tales highlighting the positive impact ICT has had on their lives.

At the E-inclusion Ministerial Conference from Vienna, three people, whom, at first sight, seems to know nothing about computers, were invited to testimony about their digital experiences. They were from Austria, France and UK.

The first lady, Frieda Spielmann, 82, has discovered her pasion for computers at 75, when she bought her first laptop.… Continue

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One day working...

We are the spanish reporters!!! Soory for our delay but we have had really dificulties to find computers to use. But we are already here!!

We are havingo a really good time. We have asisted some workshops and we've made some interviews.

Yesterday at night we assited to the celebration in Belvedare Palace were we met lots of new people.

Now we are going to posts some photos of yestarday's journey.

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Ageing Well – User Needs and Expectations. - Vienna 2008, 2nd day.

Between speeches of speakers, chair (David Broster) at one point put his own summary, opinion:

The chair said:

“Of course, technology is not standing still, so although I feel fairly comfortable with technology today I dread to think what it might be like in 20 years… Continue

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Press Conference in Vienna 2008

Press Conference in Vienna

European Commission’s members

Heidrun Silhavy, Federal Minister for woman, Media and Regional Policy, Austria: “ICT development is a very important thing for our society, because of the economy’ turbulences. Our purpose is to offer poor people and disability persons the chance to involve in the development of the society. We want that non-academicly, migrants and young people can acces Intrernet.

Eric Besson, Minister of State to the Prime… Continue

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Is ICT socially devisive?

I picked this up from Fabio Colansati's address yesterday - but others said it, too. Is technology pulling us apart as a society? More specifically, does ITC's ever more forward looking enlarge the gulf between those who have the skills and can keep up with it, and those who don't? Separating the new haves from the have nots? What degree of digital literacy is necessary for e-Inclusion to mean something?

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Plen Session at "vienna 2008"...1st Day

The European Commission takes atitude

Imagine a digital world where there are no barriers in communication, a world that is, in fact, a market of opportunities and where everybody is in touch and involved in new technology. This is what The European Commission e-inclusion Ministerial Conference from Vienna is trying to persuade the audience. Maybe you will ask yourselves what e-inclusion means. Nothing easier to explain. All it is about social cohesion, which implies different… Continue

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Young webreporters left without internet at the Hilton hotel!

Armed with portable pc's, digital cameras and tons of enthousiasm, 20 young reporters from Poland, Romania, Spain and Turkey came to Vienna to webreport on the e-Inclusion Ministerial Conference & Expo that is being held at Messezentrum Wien from November 30th to December 2nd.

They were invited by the… Continue

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Telecentre-Europe Launch

To provide the next 292 000 000 Europeans with the information skills, motivation and access that they need to benefit from, and contribute to, the knowledge economy – it’s the vision of Telecentre-Europe.

Try to make a list of things that you can do by using computer and Internet.


Imagine that 292 000 000 Europeans, and not only people from this continent are digital illiteraced and won’t draw benefits from using computer and… Continue

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Lilo and Stitch

I think this line comes from the Disney movie (or there about). But it was beautifully said by Fabio Colansanti this afernoon (intentionally or not). The European Community's main purposes, he said, could be summed up in three words: opportunity, access and solidarity – so that nobody is left behind or forgotten.

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Deconstructing evolution

Survival of the fittest is obviosuly a bio-evolutionary not a social dictum. Mr. Erwin Buchinger, Austria's Federal Minister of Social Affairs and Consumer Protection, rhetorically asked, in the plenary session of the Vienna conference, "Why should only the stronger and more able people participate in the information society?" Quite so! I think e-Inclusion is, metaphorically of course, about deconstructing evolution...

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30.11.2008 Vienna 2008: European Commissions e-Inclusion policies and initiatives: how can I be included?

Many recent policies fight with social/information exclusion of Europe citizens.

Brief presentations at this session gave an outlook for the organizations on what calls for proposals are there to chose from in order to be involved in European Commission e-Inclusion policies, relevant initiatives, actions and projects. Basic focus is on the idea of integrating such speheres of our lives as (e)health care, (e)social care and… Continue

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“The European Commission’s e-Inclusion policies and projects: how can I be included ?” e-Inclusion Ministerial Conference

During the conference there were shortly presented projects and policies connected with the problem of e-Inclusion – how to solve this problem. Both are long term undertakings, prepared for the future. In brief – it’s an investment - in people, for the next years.

I did not know that problem of e-Inclusion is such a significant problem, not only in Poland, the place where I live, but in all high developed countries UE.

Programs are addressed mainly to elderly people, because… Continue

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Press Conference and Exhibition Opening Ceremony, Vienna 2008, 1st day

"A very important conference at an important time" – with these words, Mrs. Heidrun Silhavy summed up everything, what E-inclusion is. I feel that everything we do is translated into the world surrounding us and how important it is, what do we do today, not what we will do tomorrow.…


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Bridging the Digital Divide A Barrier Free Approach, David Banes, Director of Development, AbilityNet

First 5 minutes of the presentation I thought: What I am doing here? David Banes was telling audience about problems of disable people with accessing new technologies. My organization does not have resources and knowledge to start helping disable people, I thought. I could not be more wrong.

During the presentation I understood that even so small organization as mine can… Continue

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Press conference (12:00 30.11.2008)

The sentence that I think was important for me, was about us. We create, use and improve community technology.

Create, because when we write on forum, blogposts or ning, we leave signs about us for someone how wants to help himself by the information from my or your post.

Use, because not only we write sentences, but we write questions, and somebody else answers them for us… Continue

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The exclusion cost

Among (suffocating) general presentations, mostly about aging well, I heard this as a straight cost-analysis conclusion - and found it interesting (at least worth sharing). Two different sessions I attended highlighted the exclusion cost. Cath Kelly (HM Customs and Revenue, UK) said about accessibility that it would be a lot more costly to do it later (or not at all). Another speaker said, addressing inclusive e-government, that it definitely costs less to include than to exclude.… Continue

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Telecentre Europe network goes live at EC e-Inclusion event

Digital inclusion got a boost across Europe today, with the launch of a new network which aims to give everyone an equal opportunity to make the most of technology.

The telecentre-europe network was launched in Vienna at the e-Inclusion Ministerial Conference. Made up of organisations from sixteen EU member states… Continue

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Vienna webreporter team: are you ready?

Hi there everybody!

I am Lize De Clercq your community-content-facilitator (yes, yes!) of telecentre-europe.

First of all, I wish to send my congratulations to all young webreporters that have been selected to come to the eInclusion… Continue

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Twitpic from Vienna

For those who cannot make it to Vienna for the eInclusion event we are thinking of twittering photos of the event - if you want to see what everything looks like you can try us on

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