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Get Online Week 2015 – One year later in a pensioner’s life

Dumitru Petre is 75 years old and is from Slobozia, Romania. He has been a dedicated visitor of Stefan Banulescu Library  for the past 12 years – last year he even received the award for the most loyal customer – given to him during the Library Day.

“We all feel great here, it is pretty quiet, nice, and warm and a great place to spend part of your time after a life of running around and working hard. It was here where I first started…


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"Get Online Week" offered workshops and training at the Telecentres International Meeting held in Fuerteventura last 24&25th March.

Over 200 people from European and African countries participated at this week’s International Telecentre Network Meeting, “Fuerteventura Meeting Point” – a conference for telecentre networks to debate on cooperation…


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Digital inclusion overcomes everyday barierrs

In the modern society everyone should have some digital skills for life. You can use information technology and Internet for paying bills, arranging medical visits, shopping, learning, entertainment, communication, information etc. But there are still lots of people that can not start the computer, or use the mouse and keyboard, or play a music on youtube.



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University Third Age's students active again

Open the Windows team already visited the University Third Age for Get online week 2013. Then Open the Windows's team organize a debate “Information technology and the third age: Opportunity or difficulty”. From then till now students are very interested for digital skills. Because of that this year we organized…


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Get Online Week 2015 Kraljevo-Serbia

As a part of Get Online Week, that was held from 23rd to 29th March 2015 students and teachers of MTS “14. oktobar” Kraljevo, Serbia, have through multiple activities participated in this digital campain.

The goal of these activities was to motivate and encourage students to use the internet and other…


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GOW 2015 in Hungary

Foundation for Community Network was really excited to join the European Get Online Week this year. We have organized and implemented a presentation series in the following topics: 

  1. Looking for job with the help of social media
  2. Everyday’s media
  3. Green ICT Office, Green…

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Newcomers with experience on internet surfing

The campaign „Get Online 2015” which takes place in Medgidia has brought togheter children, teenagers, adults and seniors wishing to discover the attractive world of the Internet. The initial objective of this action was to…


Added by Alina Valentina Ocheană on March 28, 2015 at 11:00 — 1 Comment

Get Online Week 2015 in Germany

Get Online Week Dortmund 2015

This year the Get Online Week took place in Dortmund, Germany, for the first time. It was initiated, organized and coordinated by a seminar of eleven students of rehabilitation…


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Get Online Week 2015 - Sweden

We have had hacks, LAN, programming for adults and children, workshops on Big Data and courses in other languages so that our newly arrived too can be a part of our society even online and be able to utilize the advantages of digitization.…


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GOW in Germany: “Surfing with Tablets” in a meeting centre for senior citizens

The Internet is not an exclusive club for the younger generation, also for senior citizens, the digital world has to offer many advantages. Since 2012, Stiftung Digitale Chancen and E-Plus Gruppe collaborate in a project that provides Tablet PCs for senior citizens. Here, retirement homes are equipped for a period of four to six weeks with tablets, so their habitants or visitors…


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First impression first, personality – later. GOW2015 in Lithuania

Kind of  rumors are wandering around in the jungles of internet. They say current teenagers have posted so many questionably moral things already that by the time they will look for a job they will need to change their real names hiding young age monkey business online. Is it true? How can we prevent this?

Familiar =…


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GOW in Germany: Young people find their strengths with YouRock

As part of a "boot camp" of the initiative BG3000 students from Bonn Bad Godesberg get to know the Internet platform YouRock (www.yourock.jobs). During the workshops of Stiftung Digitale Chancen, the students become aware of their own strengths and get fit for the journey from school to training. They learn to show potential employers what they are capable of. YouRock is a European job portal and social network that is dedicated to the employability of…


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It´s time to discover skills again!

Another year, another youth employability workshop in the German National Olympic Training Centre in Kienbaum!

ike last year, the Stiftung Digitale Chancen and  Christian Schenk, who won 1988 the gold medal in the decathlon during the …


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In the first campaign days GOW 2015 focuses on young people

Just three days into the annual European GOW 2015 and we are counting thousands of digital empowerment and inclusion events across 30 countries. What has been going on so far? Here is a quick update on some of our national partners and their organised campaign activities.


In Romania 166 organisations have joined the campaign locally known…


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GOW in Germany: School kids learn how to code

A primary school in Berlin, Kreuzberg starts today a new offer: programming games easily yourself with SCRATCH! With SCRATCH! Children learn programming by combining program modules, so-called "blocks", in a script window.

"Learning in the 21st century means to provide children with creative resources that allow them to develop solutions to the tasks of their future," says the professional, author and conceptualist Norbert Kerkhey who will supervise today´s event. "SCRATCH! is a…


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Mother and son - digital empowered


Open the Windows team always pointed out that families are our partners in the work with beneficiaries with different type of disabilities. Because beneficiaries visit our Center for assistive technology once or twice a week, the families are important chain in acquiring digital skills. Especially for persons with intellectual disabilities, if they doesn't repeat what they learn every day, they easily can forget it. Because of this we find families as important partner. But…


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Digital inclusion for everyone

Today is the day dedicate to youth, because of this, Open the Windows invite youth with disabilities to share their photos and information about their digital skills. 

Aleksandar Matovski Cako supports the campaign Get Online Week 2015. He is 24 years old with Down syndrome, and he uses the computer for writing songs, essays, papers and presentations for the exams as he is fourth year student at the Pedagogical Faculty in Skopje.…


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Hai pe Net 2015: Promoting an accessible web in Romania – supporting visually impaired people get online!

EOS Romania Foundation has partnered with the Association for the Integration of Persons with Deficiencies and The Romanian Association of Blind Persons to solve a basic human right: that of equal access to information for all citizens, but with focus on the information and access needs of people with visual impairment in Romania. The objective is to make public websites…


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The new ECDL presented to visually impaired people by NV Radio in Italy

NV Radio is a webradio created and run from Bologna by 6 visually impaired people who also manage the web portal NVApple.it (born to help other visually impaired people use Apple devices).

Tecno is NV Radio's monthly news magazine dealing with technologies for accessibility. It is broadcasted on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 21:00 and Saturdays and Sundays at 16:00.

On Thursday March 26, from…


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Russian youngsters will discover their strengths and talents during GOW15 events in 39 cities across the country

Despite the spring holidays in Russian schools this week, young people from 39 cities across the country visit training centers and schools today to check their ICT skills, learn…


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