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A Short Summary of GOW2016 in Lithuania

Overview of the GOW2016

It was the 7th year when association "Langas į ateitį" has participated in the Get Online Week campaign. The message that we spread through all the activities this year was raise awareness about online identities, cyber-security, ICT skills and available tools so that European citizens become confident Internet users as approximately 70% of…


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GOW 2016 in Latvia – chance for young people to explore FIT4JOBS tests !

During the Get Online Week 2016 youth in Latvia had a chance to evaluate their digital and computer skills by completing Fit4Jobs tests.. The test has been created within the framework of the Fit4Jobs project to evaluate computer user office productivity skills   which   every employee should have and which are  requested by almost all employers

The test includes questions about office software usage - such as Microsoft Office Word, Excel and Outlook.

 151 participants…


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Get Online Week 2016 in Estonia: Raising awareness and contest Smart Youtuber 2016

Get Online Week 2016 in Estonia was organized by Smart Work Association, Civitta Estonia, Estonian Union of Child Welfare and Look@World Foundation . Since the „getting online“ in Estonia is not that much of a problem (almost everyone is already „online“), we decided to create a campaign to rise youths’ awareness on internet safety.…


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A short summary from #GOW16 in Sweden.

Non-hierarchical, independent and democratic networking group

The network Digidelnätverket is a non-hierarchical, independent and democratic networking group, working to increase digital inclusion in Sweden. The network was formed after the national campaign for increased digital participation – Digidel2013 – ended in December 2013. The aim is to increase digital inclusion and accessibility of digital services…


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Short summary of GOW 2016 outcomes in Russia


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GOW 2016 in Macedonia

Open the Windows for fifth year in a row organized Get Online Week campaign in Macedonia. This year’s campaign was supported by governmental institutions as Ministry for Information Society and Administration, Directorate for Personal Data Protection, educational institutions (primary, secondary schools, and universities), civil society organizations, and the media. The focus of this year’s activities were Internet safety, particularly for young people with disabilities and the importance of…


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GOW16 in Poland - 500+ institutions involved!


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GOW 2016 in Emilia Romagna: the second time is always better!

This was the second GOW run in Emilia Romagna by the Pane e Internet (PeI) network. 62 live events were organised during the week, with over 1600 participants, compared to 1200 in the GOW 2015. This time we witnessed the active involvement of the 7 newly established PeI Points and, as last year, the important contribution of several regional and local partners, some of…


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GOW2016 video from Serbia: Online weekly publication



Our two schools: PS "Smeh i Suza",Aleksinac and PS "Vuk Karadzic",…


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The best digital week so far - Romanian GOW 2016 - and beyond!

What a great week GOW 2016 was! Romania hosted for the seventh time in a row the localised verion of Get Online Week - Hai pe Net! campaign. Over 100 organisations joined the GOW partnership to help articulate the message about the importance of digital inclusion and opportunity for all. Libraries, schools, NGOs, individuals, old and young, disadvantaged and with special needs joined one ow the most well-known and awaited events in Romania.

Activities and events varied very much…


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GOW2016 in Hungary

This year Foundation for Community Network was a national partner of GOW for the second time. In 2016, we promoted YouRock and Skillage between young people in different events and places. We took part in the week for high school pupils in Szeged (…


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European Get Online Week 2016: being confident, being digital

The seventh edition of the European Get Online Week (GOW) to digitally empower and employ people was celebrated on 14-20 March this year. With a record number of 29 campaign partners involved in 27 countries, the campaign proved again the necessity to raise awareness about ICT competence and the importance to see every European digitally savvy. Cisco and Liberty Global financially supported the campaign which was also endorsed by some of the European Commissioners.…


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GOW16 in Primary school "Djura Jaksic" Oreskovica, Serbia

This school year Primary school "Djura Jaksic" Oreskovica, Serbia included in Online week for the 2nd time. We planned many activities for teachers, students and their parents.

Internet Safety - lecture for parents and workshop for students

In cooperation with police station, during the Online week, the…


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Get Online Week 2016. MTŠ „14. oktobar“ Kraljevo-Serbia

By implementation of activities within the Online week 2016 we wanted the teacher to be involved in general understanding and developing of digital competence and to encourage him to transmit these compentences to the pupils. We also wanted to revive pupils , to make them develop their knowledge, skills and attitudes towards different aspects of using the Internet, safety on the Internet, digital identity and…


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Get Online Week 2016 in Romania - Subcetate (HR)

Get Online Week is an annual digital inclusion campaign initiated at European level by the organization Telecentre-Europe.

I have chosen to actively participate in this campaign to promote web accessibility. Promote web accessibility is a new component of the campaign "Get Online" and aims to raise public awareness and young people on the needs for web accessibility for persons with visual impairments.

Sure you wonder why is this so important. To learn more…


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Get Online Week 2016 in Lithuania: Discover more

More and more of us significant part of our  time spend  on the Internet, use more and more of it and ICT tools, so we are  invited to create a safe environment, a better understanding of the possibilities offered by the Internet and prevent cyber threats. This is one of the most important messages of  Get Online Week 2016 campaign in Europe and Lithuania. It is…


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Classroom of the 21st century

Open the Windows together with students from High School Brakja Miladinovci from Skopje visited the classroom of the 21st century at Faculty of computer science and engineering (FCSE). Aleksandar Stojmenski from FCSE introduced the study programs and gave practical examples of benefits of studying at FCSE. High school students were very interested on the new…


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Learning about the job of Google photographer

The series of events "Learn about the new digital jobs" organised for the Get Online Week 2016 in Emilia Romagna offers students from upper secondary schools the opportunity to meet and ask questions to professionals, entrepreneurs, start-uppers etc. involved in the new digital jobs.

At the meeting organised with Punto Pane e Internet in Rimini this morning (March 17, 2016), photographer Eugenio Giovanardi explained how, starting from his passion for video-making, he discovered the…


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ICT and employment: necessity and opportunity

Today 16 of March 2016 Open the windows held a conference “ICT and employment: necessity and opportunities”, at hotel “Porta” in Skopje.

The aim of the conference was to contribute to raising awareness of the need and potential benefits of using ICT as a facilitating skill for equal opportunities to the open labor market. 

The first session was dedicated to ICT…


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Tetovo University Students started their practical training during Get Online Week

Today twenty six students started their practical training. Divided into five groups visited Centre for assistive technology and monitored the work with different beneficiaries. They were very interested how to use assistive technology, computer and educational software with children with different types of disability.

At the request of Department of Special Education and Rehabilitation on the State University of Tetovo, Open the Windows agreed to provide practical training for more…


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