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The students from "Petru Rareș" National College Beclean learned about Cybersecurity

29 students from "Petru Rareș" National College Beclean - Romania obtained their certificates for finalizing the „Introduction to Cybersecurity” course. There were 40 students who enrolled into the course, 11 are still learning (the course is open until 31st of August 2018).

The students participated to this…


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ALL DIGITAL Week 2018 in Croatia

CTC Rijeka (Centre for technical culture Rijeka) is proud to be the national partner in this year’s ALL DIGITAL Week!

We were honoured that IRIM (The Institute for Youth Development and…


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Digital competences challenge for young people, Galatz, Romania

The national campaign for digital inclusion, implemented by the EOS Foundation Romania, has had an echo in the case of No 2 Paul Păltănea Library Branch, from Galați. This campaign is held in partnership with telecenters, libraries, schools, PAPI and other organizations.

On March 23rd 2018, as part of this campaign, an activity took place in No 2 Paul Păltănea Library Branch. The name of that specific activity was Digital competences a challenge for young people. A group of high…


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Digital Skills have no age!

Miajadas (Extremadura, Spain) hosted an amazing All Digital Ring contest, where two groups, senior and young, participated in order to show that digital competence is not a matter…


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ALL DIGITAL Week in Romania - digital inclusion for all!

by Irina Stratila, AIPD Romania



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ALL DIGITAL Week in Macedonia - National Competition of Computer Science and Engineering 2018!

The annual national competition in the Republic of Macedonia for computer science and engineering is organized by the Association of Computer scientists of Macedonia. On 24 March 2018, 900 students from all over the country came to participate in the competition, the students came with mentors or parents.

The age groups involved were young people up to 15 years, high school students, teachers and parents of the students. The message that was spread among the students was the most…


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"Digital Legacy" Denmark national TV programme for ALL DIGITAL Week

For the ALL DIGITAL Week in Denmark, in partnership with the TV national channel DK4, we have created a 30-minute TV programme "Your Digital Heritage".

The programme looks at the following questions:

  • What happens in the bank when a person dies?
  • What remains in cyberspace when a person…

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ALL DIGITAL WEEK in the Mechanical School "14, October" Kraljevo, Serbia

By implementing activities within the digital skills week 2018, we wanted students to be involved in the general understanding and development of digital competence and to encourage them to develop their digital competences. We also wanted to revive students, develop their knowledge, skills and attitudes towards different aspects of Internet usage, Internet security, digital literacy, digital identity and programming. The students also participated in workshops where they used various Web…


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ALL DIGITAL Week 2018 - With small steps in "The Knight's World"

"Saint Lucia" Kindergarten Craiova joined the campaign "Get on the net!" Pan-European Literacy and Digital Inclusion Campaign ALL DIGITAL Week 2018 through first-click activities.

How can we - parents, educators - prepare and prepare children for the digital world? Children are already immersed…


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Enhancing Digital Skills through Arduino Programming

The IT4Youth project Center based in the Ulyanovsk State University offered a diverse program for school kids of various ages, interests, social and educational backgrounds within the ALL DIGITAL week. During the first three days of the Week the team of trainers and student volunteers organized and held a series of training courses on coding…


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“Introduction to Cybersecurity” at “Ienachita Vacarescu” National College, Targoviste, Romania

  On 19-25 of March, as part of ALL DIGITAL Week (Hai pe net!), the pupils and teachers of the Ienachita Văcărescu National College in Targoviste, Romania celebrated the international week of digital inclusion.

Curious and enthusiastic, wanting to learn new things, 380 students between the ages of 15 and 17 years old attended an online…


Added by Anca Mihaela Rafira on March 22, 2018 at 10:00 — 4 Comments

ALL DIGITAL Week in Macedonia - First Support Center for Young People with Disabilities

According to our organization, the iVote foundation, the highlight of the ALL DIGITAL Week 2018 campaign was the event organized for people with disabilities. This group of people is the most neglected in our country especially when talking about those people working in the IT sector.  We are so proud to help them start working in the IT sector and start doing something that will change their lives for good with the help of the newly opened HubIT. We are so proud to announce that they were…


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From the local digital competence centre (NCC VILLAFRANCA, Extremadura, Spain), we have organised a whole week full of activities, collaboration events and actions within the frame of the All…


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ALL DIGITAL Week launched in 25 countries

ALL DIGITAL Week 2018 has started, and our partners are taking digital to the next level in their countries.

More than 1,245 partners in 25 European countries will bring training, seminars, workshops, talks and other initiatives to…


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From Milano Digital Week to ALL DIGITAL Week

The Fondazione Mondo Digitale will participate in the Milan Digital Week, a platform of events promoted by the  City of Milan (March 15-18) with a vast programme of…


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All Digital Week in Extremadura (Spain)

Digital Literacy Programme of Extremadura

AUPEX and its Digital Literacy Programme, as an active member of All Digital, will implement a variety of workshops and training actions in order to contribute to this awareness raising…


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ALL DIGITAL in Macedonia - Closing event, Social Inclusion Through Technology Project, HubIT opening

The campaign of the iVote foundation as the national partner of ALL DIGITAL Week for the first time in 2018 started with the closing event of the project for Social Inclusion through Technology implemented by the iVote foundation for people with disabilities while helping them include in the IT sector. This event reached a big audience and had a great effect on all the public in the country that people with disabilities can also work and give their contribution at the IT sector and use the…


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