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Journalism Competition - The Guardian

Why don't you write an article about your Telecentre projects? Do you have a good and interesting experience to publish?

The Guardian is promoting journalism and suggests 16 different themes related to an aspect of global poverty to write about. One of them, themed as Access to Information, is focused on how ICTs… Continue

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During the first week of April Laurentiu Bunescu (Project Manager) and Laia Fauró (Community Facilitator) met in the beautiful city of Timisoara to work on the Telecentre-europe general workplan: strategies, new activities, services for members, internal organisation...

The main objective of the meeting was to revise the 2009 Annual Work… Continue

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Digital Engagement Network in UK

is a new social network that has been set up to help develop a Manifesto on Digital Enagagement in advance of the UK Digital Inclusion conference on 27/28 April. There are a wide range of discussions going on including on telecentres, social reporting and social enterprise. Please visit and feel free to contribute.

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A blog contest is going to be hold in Telecentre.org in order to value member contributions and give visibility to those who create good and usefull information for the community.

Telecentre.org would like to highlight all these collaborative actions and celebrate it!

You can find all the information and guidelines in Telecentre.org site. There is also a group created to share doubts or thoughts.

Why… Continue

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EC eInclusion subgroup meeting, Limassol, Cyprus

This was an excellent opportunity for us to reach out to the member states who attended (about 20 or so) to recruit new members to the network, and by chance they happened to be many of the ones we dont have representation in! So hopefully the number of member organisations will go up over the next few weeks, but also the geographic coverage will also extend (something that was proving very stubborn to shift; we were getting lots of new members but mainly from the same countries, or from… Continue

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Telecentres, digital engagement and long term impact.... thoughts for a UK Digital Manifesto

What is a 'Telecentre’? In the UK the word ‘Telecentre’ evokes ‘Tele-Medicine’, or maybe ‘Call Centre’. It is neither of these things. It’s an international word that is used to describe places like UK online centres. A ‘Telecentre’ is a publicly accessible place where people can get help to access computers, the internet and other digital technologies, that enable them to gather information, create, learn, and communicate with others. In doing so they develop essential 21st-century… Continue

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Imagintaive ideas for Inclusion - one from disney

Saw this on twitter - Disney Audio description for rides I honestly cant work out if this is a well meaning gimmick (and Im not being cyncial here) or whether it adds real value to blind riders - I can see it working for Pirates of the Caribbean but my personal Audio Guide to Space Mountain, would be something like

"Oh **** Oh **** Im going to die, Oh God make it stop, oh no, oh no… Continue

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NGO Ofok Human Development’s Impact on Education

"Ofok NGO for Human Development began as one of the many IT Clubs "telecenter" in Egypt to eventually expand into a respectable learning institute. Ofok is now a regional academy for Sun and Cisco academy track courses. Following its humble success in the land of the Pharaohs, it now wants to share its success story with telecentre in other countries"

The Ofok NGO story started with three brothers with limited facilities who… Continue

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Ofok making impact on Global Community Development!

"Ofok making impact on Global Community Development"

Global Community Development is taking a new turn in Egypt. A reputable NGO by the name of “Ofok” (meaning “horizon” in Arabic) is currently doing some outstanding work to change and empower local communities. No doubt that any development must first start with the individual; but sharing knowledge and the application of powerful solutions to real life problems can only take place if an effective human network exists. The… Continue

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How to Become a Local Cisco Academy?

There is an interesting blogpost in Telecentre.org about Cisco Academies writen by

Moataz A. Shaarawy (a social entrepreneur who believes in ICT knowledge-sharing for social change; He has for a long time been interested in community development and helping youth to gain education and to find employment, Mr.… Continue

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A peek at Telecentre Europe’s study visit in the Philippines

In March this year, Telecentre Europe Network Manager Laurentiu Bunescu came to the Philippines for a five-day study visit. His primary objective was to learn from and share experiences with the Philippine Community eCenter Network (PhilCeCNet) to possibly learn about strategic and operational aspects that will help… Continue

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New AbilityNet blogpost Fact v Fiction - The web and truth - Wearable Robotics

How far would you take technology to help you ?

What personal costs would you accept to have greater independence ?

Our new blog post raises these issues


David Banes

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Romanian NGO Connection Day - 9 April 2009

Romanian NGO Connection Day

Gabi and I were invited by Microsoft Romania to participate in an event that took place in Bucharest, at the Microsoft Global Technology Support Center, in 9 April 2009.

The one-day event called NGO Connection Day, was organized by Microsoft Romania and gathered around 100 invites from NGOs and press. Central motto of the event was an old Romanian proverb "By doing good, you find good" - highlighting values of the cooperation… Continue

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Australian govt to build national broadband network

The Government has announced it will establish a new company that will invest up to $43 bilions over eight years to build and operate a National Broadband Network delivering superfast (100Mbps) broadband to 90% of Australian homes and workplaces. The rest 10% will have access to fast satelite connections.

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd: "It will connect all other houses and business in Australia with next… Continue

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Towards an accessible information society" (Council of the European Union, March 31, 2009)

On 1st December 2008 the European Commission adopted the Communication "Towards an accessible information society". This has now been followed up on 31 March 2009 when the Council of the European Union adopted its conclusions on the Communication .

The Communication makes suggestions for improving both web accessibility in particular and e-accessibility in general, notably to:

* Pursue and make full use of instruments at European level - notably standardisation efforts,… Continue

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Microsoft Tag - integrating the physical world with mobile technologies

This is a way of demonstrating innovation with mobile technologies

Have a look at Microsoft tag www.microsoft.com/tag

You can download the correct software for you mobile phone (free) if you have a web enabled phone – set your mobile browser to http://gettag.mobi and download the sopftware onto your phone

When you open the software it will initialise your phones camera, so point the camera at the tag at… Continue

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Amazon Kindle removes text to speech - AbilityNet Blog

In a stunning act - Amazon have been forced to remove text to speech from their new ebook reader following pressure from the publishing industry.

An international coalition has been formed to oppose the action and the precedent it sets and you can read more about it at our blog at www.abilitynet.org.uk/blog

Any thoughts always well received


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