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Training "Inclusive Internet"

As a follow up of the governmental initiative “Experiencing the Internet”, that we were responsible for, we are still offering our training courses “inclusive internet” to all types of social institutions and welfare organizations. During the Get Online Week,  one training took place at the“Werkstatt Bremen”(an inclusive institution, that is offering employment for disabled people.

The content of the training was:

-          identifying useful websites for the target…


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Can Tablet PCs facilitate the internet usage of senior citizens?

Together with our industry partner E-Plus, the 
Stiftung Digitale Chancen launched a new project with Android Tablet PCs for senior citizens. 60 Android tablet devices (with telephone function) will be given to individual seniors and to senior organizations.

The aim is to evaluate Tablet PC can stimulate the use of useful apps or websites among groups that are not yet familiar with the internet…


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Which role can libraries play to facilitate lifelong learning?

Employability and e-inclusion play a vital role in information society. Libraries are one of the most important knowledge storage rooms and are predestinated to play big role for lifelong learning in general. German libraries are thinking about repositioning themselves and how to do that in the fast changing field of lifelong learning in the information society.

To find a solution, the Stiftung…


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GOW2012 in Latvia case study – E-skills for employability workshops helps to get a job

During Get Online week 2012,  "E-skills for employability & development” workshops took place in training centers all across Latvia. The workshops were based on the online Employment Toolkit, and the main aim was to show people how to find a new or better job by searching jobs online, preparing CV & Cover letters and promoting themselves through social networking.…


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GOW 2012 case study in Latvia : Woman in IT –for more than 55 years..

Nowadays everyone is talking about the increasing role of…


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Skillage Blogpost on Microsoft Europe website

Hi all

I have posted a short piece on the Microsoft Europe website about the development of Skillage, the translation for which was a huge effort on your part(thanks again). This is just the start of ongoing communications via partners about skillage. Please feel free to post replies and comments, and let your own contacts know via your social media.




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ICT central in Commissioner Andor's plan to tackle unemployment in the EU

As a result of the economic crisis, 24.5 million people (10% of the workforce) are unemployed in the EU today. In response, Commissioner Andor has launched a package of…


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Get Online week 2012 in Latvia : Citizens test their knowledge of e-services

 In many EU countries we can see the trend that the availability of e-services is much higher that peoples knowledge about them. During Get online week 2012 it was decided by the stakeholders to check how much Latvians  already know about existing  e -services. A set of test questions was prepared and  biggest ICT  training center in Latvia Baltic Computer Academy in cooperation with the industry's largest technology company…


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Results of TCF's TELEWISE tip contest "How to get more women to avail of telecentre services?"

During March 2012, our overseas colleagues from Telecentre.org Foundation (TCF)have been running the first "TELEWISE Tip Contest", sharing some…


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GOW2012 in Latvia case study- “Computerologist" helps citizens to heal their computers and work safely

During the Get Online s week 2012 in Latvia there was a new profession – the „Computerologist" (Datorologs) created.  As part of permanent staff of CERT.LV from now on he will offer professional advice and computer surgery or virus prevention in Latvia's society.…


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GOW 2012 in LT. Success Story of Mr. Romas Razvanavičius

Goal – to find a job

The success story of previously unemployed Romas Razvanavicius is an excellent example demonstrating how acquired knowledge and skills always are useful. Mr. Romas found out about computer literacy trainings in his regional Labour exchange office in town of Jurbarkas. He didn’t hesitate and in the end of 2011 started attending the…


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GOW 2012 case study. An opportunity to prolong our social lives

Entering the library on Tuesday morning I find a white-haired man sitting by the computer and reading something very carefully. That man with calm and concentrated face is Juozas Aukštuolis. Currently he participates in the course of ICT basics – he tries to recall what he knew some time ago and learn new things.…


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Telecentre-Europe seeks applications for the positions of Managing Director and Financial Officer

Telecentre-Europe AISBL is currently seeking applications for two positions: Managing Director and Financial Officer.

1. The Managing Director will lead the organisation into a leading position across Europe. S/he will shape the direction and working practices of the organisation, setting in place a culture of innovation and excellence to enable it to deliver on challenging three year targets.…


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Telecentre.org Foundation seeks applications for Global Community Manager position

Telecentre.org Foundation is currently seeking applications for its Global Community Manager position.

The Global Community Manager is expected to oversee development, management and evaluation of telecentre.org’s strategic global community websites and activities in support of its existing and emerging networks around the world.

The Global Community…


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Train the Most Women to Become Digitally Literate and win 15.000 Swiss Francs worth of ICT equipment!

Telecentre.org Foundation (TCF) and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) are organizing a contest open for individual telecentres to train the most women between April 7, 2011 and September 1, 2012.…


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