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Inclusion as a benefit of digital inclusion

During the Get online week 2012, fifth grade students from primary school “Vasil Glavinov” visited association Open the windows and for the first time had an opportunity to talk and associate with peers with disability. As one of the girls said: “Together with my friends from my grade and teacher visited the association Open the Windows. I spent a very good time there. I had a chance to be with peers with disabilities and to see how they are working on the computer. I was delighted and I…


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GOW 2012 Romania EOS: From user to volunteer in the „Get Online Week” campaign!


From user to volunteer in the „Get Online Week” campaign!


The campaign Get Online Week! (branded in Romania as Hai pe Net! ) has brought to the public library in Dumbrăviţa, Braşov county, from the first day (26.03.2012) and to the last day (01.04.2012), a total of 240 users. I must add that Dumbravita is a locality inhabited by 3532 people and our story is linked exactly to these two numbers.


The library is equipped with…


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Seniors in Action in Hungary

Senior citizens were in the focus in Röszke Telecentre (population: 3296 people). Local residents over the age of 50 were invited to the telecentre to take basic computer course. Nearly 20 people participated on the training learning about the most popular internet applications such as Skype, Facebook and Gmail.

But the Telecentre has greater ambitions: its goal is to better engage senior citizens in the life of the community, to active and mobilize them for achieving common community…


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GOW 2012 Romania EOS: Internet, a friend at need! Sadness when not around...


Internet, a friend at need! Sadness when not around...

Once with the appearance of the Biblionet Project at Pausesti-Maglasi Library, the users of the public library were to discover that their friendship and the ones dear to them can make their existence easier and nicer with computers and internet.

Dani, a smart and cheerful child, had a happy childhood, despite the fact that he was living with his parents (coming from the Arges County, to Pausesti…


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GOW 2012 Romania - EOS: First time on the net: „I’m 67 and coming to the library via hall pass!”


I’m 67 and coming to the library via hall pass!

A passionate about the mysteries of Egypt and of the pyramids of the civilizations of Mexico, mister Dorin Cosma (in the picture below), is the newest student from the Buni Neților Club (seniors club). His story begins in March during the „Get Online Week!” campaign which was on going at the „St. L. Roth” Municipal Library, CIP – Biblionet department.…


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Telecentres in the Centre of Attention in Hungary

Get Online Week campaign was used for raising the visibility of telecentres. We wanted to put “Telecentres in the Centre of Attention”, as the campaign’s subtitle said in Hungarian language.

Telecentres in Hungary face serious problems of sustainability as they do not have regular funding from the government. About half of the telecentres are operated by NGOs that makes their operation more flexible, but they are more affected by the economic crisis and the lack of…


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GOW 2012 in LT. Case study - IT Club and robot Victoria

Let me introduce Mantvydas Vaičiūnas. He is 20. Matvydas is a 1st year student at Vilnius Universtity,  Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics. He has numerous awards in contests in mathematics, physics, geography, history… Being a 15 year old teenager Matvydas founded the Šakiai region IT club where its members build robots.…


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The Internet makes you look at life with different eyes…

For some people the computer and the Internet mean an additional element of everyday life, whereas for other people these represent a chance, a hope and a way to feel part of society.

Ion, Elena and Mihai Bocancea from Moldova (Taraclia village, Causeni district) are three brothers aged 43, 38 and 37 respectively. Unfortunately, from early adolescence they have been suffering from progressive muscular dystrophy/ myopathy - a genetic muscular disease in which the muscle fibers do not…


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Virtual classroom

An experiment called “The virtual class” has started at the high school “Mihail Sadoveanu” http://liceusadoveanu.wordpress.com in Calarasi town, Republic of Moldova .

The experiment has the following objectives:

A. To ensure better communication between teachers and students, and between students (chemistry).

B. To save paper by posting online students’ works.

C. To ensure better promotion of the developed didactic…


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Happy grandmother

Maria Brasoveanu, an employee of the Health Care Centre in Crihana Veche, has been frequently using our library since 2004. Being invited to training courses on information and communication technologies, she showed interest in learning new things. The computer and Internet help her feel happy and satisfied, particularly now that she has become a gramndmother. …


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Get Online Week in Russia: I Can Hear You, People!

As part of the Get Online Week the Mezhdurechensk Tvoy Kurs Center held four seminars aptly named I Can Hear You, People! During the training twenty-six local residents registered their accounts with Skype and used the application to chat with their friends and family members for the first time. The only prerequisite for…


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And Then I Saw the Internet – Now I’m a Freelancer!

Retiree Valentina Loginova from Krasnoufimsk (Sverdlovsk region) wants to become a freelancer, taking orders and selling her unique handmade crafts online. She made this decision after attending the Jobs Online seminar, organized by the Paluba/Tvoy Kurs ICT Center on 29 March 2012.

During Get Online Week the Paluba Center staff…


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Get Online Week in Russia: And I know the world is mine just as long as I’m online!

In Uryupinsk (Volgograd region), often called the main town of the Russian provinces, Get Online Week was held on a truly grand scale, with all of the town’s libraries and even two rural libraries taking an active part in the campaign. It had many interesting moments, but meeting Kseniya Petrunina, a well-known local…


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Get Online Week in Russia: Honoring the World War II Heroes

As part of the Get Online Week, Volgograd State Agricultural University held several video conferences, but the one between Volgograd and Novosibirsk proved especially significant for all its facilitators and participants.

The two cities have many important connections, but one that still looms the…


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GOW 2012 in Greece_Case Study "Augment Reality Application for the enhancement of the local economy in touristic places"

Within the frames of the GET ONLINE WEEK 2012,  the Sector of Telematics and Applications for Regional Development of the Computer Technology Institute “Diophantus” organised a workshop with the contribution of the Chamber of Commerce of Helia (Pyrgos) were the existing and potential entrepreneurs of the area were informed about smart applications and ICT tools that can help them promote and advertise their company, provided services etc.

Special attention and much interest was shown…


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Free online games from the PopCap Games website and also the online version of Battlefield, the famous Swedish video game

Jönköping City Library had the pleasure to participate for the second consecutive

year at the Get Online Week campaign.

Our focus this time was to present useful online self-service open 24/7 and e-society

facilities. Our aim was also to show the enjoyable side of Internet for both pleasure

and distraction.

In cooperation with important institutions from the e-service society and public

services the program at Jönköping City Library consisted of guidance on…


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Mjölby cooperated with a bank, social security, adult educational associations and the regional library and museum

The library of Mjölby had a rather ambitious approach – we made a program with

demonstrations every second hour at the main library, and possibility to get personal

guiding every hour in between. We also had at lot of demonstrations in two smaller

libraries. The topics varied a lot; from library topics on databases and catalogue,

talking books for people with disabilities, e-books and modern technology in the

information area, to a wide range of topics. Selling and…


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Digital workshop for children and their parents in Katrineholm

In Katrineholm several activities were arranged, mainly in the Ängeln Arts Centre

situated in the central part of the town. A main focus was diversity in the activities in

order to reach different groups in the society. During the arrangements in the

physical room, we also arranged activities on the Internet (for example

#twitterpoesi), which we connected with…


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The young and popular IT-guides who speak other languages than swedish was appreciated in Örebro

We had activities at four libraries in Örebro, Örebro City Library, Haga Library,

Vivalla Library and Varberga Library.

We arranged the activities together with the Civic Office, two Compounds( Bilda and

Abf ), two Educationals (Transfer and SeniorNet), Employment service, Central

student Board, Insurance Office, Consumer Advice Centre, Immigration…


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Digidel 2013 reached 3.425 people during Get Online Week!

During the campaign “Get Online Week” Swedish libraries, study associations and companies across the country made extra efforts to get more people to discover the potential of the Internet. In total we reached 3425 people persons through the “Get Online Week”. The target was 2000. Never before have so many Swedes done so much at the same time to make people try the Internet. The result was much above our expectations.


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