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Saying good bye as your Communications Manager...

Dear community members,

Today is my last day as the Communications Manager for Telecentre-Europe aisbl. From tomorrow on, my job will be taken over by your new Communications Officer, Masha Tarle.

I have been doing this job…


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Telecentre-Europe Newsletter April 2013

In this issue:

News from Telecentre-Europe (TE):

GOW2013 post campaign Press Release – Registrations open for #Spark13 – New member from Slovakia - Results of Featured Member Contest

Member News

From Lihtuania…


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Featured Member Contest at TE’s Community Site: results for April 2013

During April, 23 community members participated at the monthly Featured Community Contest at Telecentre-Europe’s community site. They blogged, published, shared, commented & flagged content, and 4 new persons joined the community.

3 featured members were awarded with a



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Get Online Week 2013 in Poland – case studies. ‘Try Walking in my Shoes’ in the Municipal Public Library in Twardogóra

Students of elementary and high schools were participants of a workshop on 20th March 2013 in the the Municipal Public Library in Twardogóra, based on a scenario ‘Try Walking in my Shoes’. The scenario was prepared by the Foundation Supporting Physically Disabled Mathematicians and IT Specialists – one of national coordinators of the Get Online Week 2013 in Poland. During the…


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Get Online Week 2013 in Poland – case studies. ‘Let’s play experiments’ events in the Sucha Beskidzka Municipal Public Library

In Municipal Public Library in Sucha Beskidzka e series of events took place during the Get Online Week 2013, where young people carried out simple scientific experiments using resources found on the Internet. The events were organized based on a scenario ‘Let’s play experiments’ prepared by the Information Society Development Foundation – one of GOW2013 national coordinators in Poland. Scenarios prepared by national coordinators describe step-by-step how to prepare and promote an event,…


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Get Online Week 2013 in Poland – case studies. ‘Get the Spring into the Net’ – computer classes, art workshop, urban game and video conference in the Regional Public Library in Olsztyn

On 20 and 21 March 2013, as a part of the Get Online Week campaign in Poland, two events were held in the Regional Public Library in Olsztyn, under the name ‘Get the Spring into the Net’. Participants of the events were senior citizens who did not have any digital skills or their skills were low. The purpose of the events was to present them benefits of the Internet, teach them basic e-skills, encourage them to learn more and explore. The events were a combination of basic computer training…


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GOW 2013 story from Estonia- Telework and web-trainings

During the GOW the Smartwork Association continued the telework training courses for civil servant and regional web-trainings for local people.…


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GOW 2013 story from Estonia- Online Discussion Clubs

The main events of our campaigns were Online Discussion Clubs which took place on 20-22nd of March in cooperation with the online job-portal CV-Online and the youth employment project “Nupp tööle!”, The clubs were new and innovative…


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GOW 2013 story from Estonia- ICT Family Day

16th of March our local partner Lahemaa telework and training centres organised the ICT Family Day. The exhibition of historical ICT facilities was opened and several games for all families was organised. There was a contest of recognising computers’ hardware and putting keyboard together. As…


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Ireland's Get Online Week 2013 Campaign

Get online week 2013

Ireland’s Get online week 2013 campaign was organised by FIT Ltd. This year we partnered with UPC part of the Liberty Global Group, to help us promote Get Online Week. We went out into the community to talk to people and encourage them to get online and promoted GOLW through a range of mediums.

UPC were an excellent partner for us this year. We used the Internet Buttons resource to encourage people to get online and…


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Czech success story – GOW2013 workshops for experts

Training of trainers – it is an extremely important task of the GOW2013 in the Czech Republic. We have to care about sustainability of the campaign and the employment issue, which became a main topic of the campaign of this year, is attracting more and more attention because of the economic situation in the Czech Republic. The unemployment rate is growing a similar way as in other EC member states. Of course, the situation is not so sharp so far but people would like to know…


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Success story: Getonline week on Saferinternet.cz web site

In the Czech Republic the National Safer Internet Centre (NCBI) agreed with the European Project Management Agency (EPMA) to co-work on the launch of the GOW2013 campaign. We took advantage of the good and proven experiences of our collaboration in 2012. There were a range of events and workshops organized during the campaign, which was launched under auspices of Mr. Jan Kubice - Czech Minister…


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A mid-morning at Alby Library in Sweden during Get Online Week #Swedishreport #GOW2013

Ten or so Alby locals are hunched over an array of tablet computers that are spread out on a table at the library. Someone books a trip; someone else translates a letter. Yet another person opens a Facebook account. All under the supervision of young people from the municipality’s recreational center in partnership with SeniorNet. For the third consecutive year, the Digidel…


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Register now for Spark13!

People, Innovation and Sustainability – these are the 3 major themes of Spark, the 4th Global Forum on Telecentres that will take place from May 28-29 in Granada, Spain.…


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"Use IT and Enjoy" project partners explore the life of seniors in Copenhagen

The international “Use IT and Enjoy” project implementers from Denmark, Sweden and Lithuania have met for the second time. The meeting was held last month in Copenhagen and hosted by Aeldremobiliseringen (Association of Danish Senior Citizens).

The project partners met to evaluate and…


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Find out which telecentres from Europe are Global Telecentre Awards semifinalists!

Here’s your chance to show your support for your favorite entries in the 1st Global Telecentre Awards.

Online voting is now open at Telecentre.org Foundation’s online community sites in English,…


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Brussels, BELGIUM | 17 APRIL 2013

Nearly half of the European labour force (47%) [1] is not confident their computer and internet skills are sufficient in today’s labour market, while the demand for employees with ICT skills is growing considerably, by around 3% a year [2]. By 2015, 900.000…


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Get Online Week 2013 - Photo session in Zagreb

If you can read and write, it still doesn't mean that you are literate. And no, I am not talking about digital literacy. I am talking about visual literacy, which is the ability to code and decode information expressed in a form of graphic images.

The term visual literacy comes from the 20th century, but the concept of visual communication is prehistoric. So it’s…


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Get Online Week 2013 on Radio Telecentar

If you are not happy with media coverage of your activities, there is a simple solution. You do your own media coverage! Media literacy today implies the ability to critically consume, but also to produce and distribute media content on various media platforms.

Radio Telecentar…


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GOW2013 story from Macedonia:If There is a Will There is a Way

Tomislav Dimiskovski is 76 year old. He has been teaching almost his entire life: A primary school teacher during his active working life, he continued his mission during retirement in a slightly different manner. Driven by his vigorous spirit and the belief that only an active person can be healthy and vital, Tomislav formed the Third Age University association, which nurtures…


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