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Carer+ conference – Digital skills for caregivers

As a project manager of educational projects for adults and senior citizens at the Digital Opportunities Foundation (Germany) I had the opportunity to participate in the Carer+ conference in Paris on March 27th 2015. It was a great pleasure to meet interesting speakers and practitioners engaged in the improvement of social…


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Digital inclusion for teachers: ICT in Learning-Teaching Processes in Croatia

The society we live in today is dominated by technology and most of us accept the discourse of fast and everchanging developments in technology which have transformed, or have the potential to transform, the way we live and relate to one another.

Digital inclusion is about opportunities, outcomes and practices. Conceptualising digital inclusion as being about access, prompts us to acknowledge that digital inclusion in part involves…


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24.04.2015 Lisbon

The FIT4JOBS partners team met in Lisbon on April 20-22nd to discuss the milestones reached so far in this European Commission funded project that replicates the employer-led training model pioneered by the Irish FIT Ltd (Fast Track to IT)…


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Unemployment of women in the ICT sector (Croatia and Europe)

The EU has prepared a report in 2013 titled The activity of women in the ICT sector (Women active in the ICT sector), which indicates the importance of women in the IT sector for long-term growth of the sector, as well as for the sustainability of the European economy. Women are still under-represented, and from 1000 women with…


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Digital inclusion of seniors through intergenerational support

“To be honest,  I feel embarrassed for knowing so little  about computers, for example whenever I go to the library I have to ask people working there to help me find the book I need… I just feel so ignorant”, said an elderly lady at the start of the ICT course held in IAN Telecentar, Serbia.

Learning and using information and communication technologies by the elderly is seen as an important demand for their integration in daily life and as a factor related to…


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Trans eScouts project in Croatia

Digital skills are becoming increasingly important in today's world. The computer and the internet influence the communication of people with each other as well as their participation in society. The ability to deal with digital media is therefore essential for social participation. Since many people still are not online yet or have difficulties dealing with the digital world, the people who provide accessibility to the internet and try to make the digital media more…


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Get Online Week in Estonia - robot battle and smart device security

In Estonia the campaign was divided into 3 main parts. 

1. Rising general awareness about safe use of smart devices. Smart devices have become very popular but many people don’t treat them as computers. 64% of Estonian residents could use smart devices in 2014. Amongst 14-18 year olds…


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Get Online Week 2015 in Poland

The Get Online Week 2015 campaign in Poland (Tydzień z Internetem) was inaugurated in the Presidential Palace in Warsaw and was run under the patronage of the President of the Republic of Poland.

The main topics of the campaign…


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GOW 2015 in Russia (Infographic)

Check our Infographic to see how many people were empowered during the GOW15 in Russia, what were the main events and which web portals were the most popular among the participants.…


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GOW 2015 in Germany - watch our video

The group of students who organised the GOW in Dortmund, Germany, have issued their video on GOW. Watch it HERE

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Get Online Week in Germany

Get Online Week Dortmund 2015 - brought to Dortmund by students of rehabilitation pedagogy as a university course

The “Get Online Week” was for the first time brought to Dortmund, a 600,000 inhabitants city in Germany. We are a group of 11 students in the third year of study in “rehabilitation pedagogy” and organized the GOW with our lecturer Dr. Bastian Pelka from Technical University of Dortmund.

We started way back in December 2014 by inviting all…


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GOW 2015 at Casalgrande (Reggio Emilia): using technology to make things

On March 28, Casalgrande library near Reggio Emilia, in collaboration with Intern@mente - Laboratorio Informatico, organized as part of the GOW 2015 a training and demonstration event for the youngsters of the local junior high schools on coding, 3D printing etc..

At first, students were presented Arduino e Raspberry Pi devices and were given very basic coding notions. These were followed by some practical demonstrations, especially on the 3D printer, which was used to produce funny…


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Fast track to IT in Lithuania

Lithuania is one of six EU countries which recently started  implementing training-for-employment initiative focusing  on ICT skills according to Fast Track to IT methodology developed by non-profit organization FIT Ltd in Ireland.

Over 16500 young people have accomplished this training in Ireland and 75% of them have progressed to employment. Recently…


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Get Online Week 2015 in Croatia - a big success!

Get Online Week 2015 in Croatia focused on increasing employability by providing theoretical and practical knowledge and digital skills, which is also one of the objectives of the Digital Agenda for Creative Croatia, a part of the European Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs Initiative.

Digital Agenda for Creative Croatia is a multi-stakeholder network of…


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Workshops and webinar on young people, women, entrepreneurship and ICTs close the activities of GOW 2015 in Spain

The Get Online Week in Spain closed in the morning of the 27th of March with a Webinar on Women, Entrepreneurship and ICTs, plus more than 90 training actions developed under the Technological Literacy Plan of Extremadura.

The Webinar, conducted by Ana Agudo, in charge of the TelecentreOrg Project, has enabled to disseminate a…


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At a LAN party during Get Online Week 2015 in Katrineholm Sweden

Ung Kraft (Young Power) has joined forces with Kulturhuset Ängelen to hold a LAN party. Fifteen or so children and adults have gathered. There’s an air of expectation. Most of them haven’t tried their hand at games before. And most of them don’t automatically think of games as one of the most natural ways to start programming and the fact that there is a major shortage of programmers, both now and in the future.

Three-year-old Klara doesn’t hesitate. She sits down, presses the…


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Get Online Week 2015 video from Serbia: “Inclusion through Skype technology”

Students of the primary school for children with disabilities, "Smeh i suza", used the Get Online Week 2015 to make new friends, to revise syllabus and to have fun.

Their math teacher, Biljana Veselinovic, took a template flash game, named Roll the dice, written by Aleksandra-Maria Vukovic from Croatia, from the site …


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To solve the skills gap, involvement of employers is key #fit4jobs

The unemployment rate may be high but, unsurprisingly, employment opportunities demanding IT skills abound. The mismatch between the skills on offer and those in demand, also referred to as the ' skills-gap'  was tackled by the European Commission in 2013 when it called for organisations such as private companies but also non-profits and even governments to submit their pledges to address the skills gap. 

New piloting project



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Unite IT partners discussed important next steps in Brussels

The fourth Unite IT consortium partners’ meeting took place in Microsoft office in Brussels at the end of February.

Partners from eight organisations implementing the Unite IT project discussed what has been achieved so far and what still needs to be done during the following months. Erik Ballhausen attended the meeting on behalf of the project funding body EACEA (*Educational, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency) and gave the partners a lot of useful insights and advice. He…


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Get Online Week 2015 in Oreskovica, Serbia

Cool Math Duel

Primary school “Djura Jaksic” Oreskovica is a small rural school in eastern Serbia. During the Get Online Week 2015 teachers and students realized many interesting activities.

Mathematics competition was organized for students of the 2nd and 4th grade. Students used mobile application “Cool Math Duel” to test their knowledge of addition and subtraction. In this way, students played and learned. Also, they find out that mobile…


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