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Innovation in Europe's social systems and the role of ICT

Telecentre Europe was recently invited by the European Commission to participate in its High-Level Conference on Social Policy Innovation (Brussels, 19-20/05/2014). The conference was organised by DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion and aimed to contribute to the deployment of Europe 2020: Social Policies…


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Making the most of Microsoft YouthSpark Summit

Microsoft is one of the world’s champions in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), and YouthSpark proves it. The huge programme aims to create new work opportunities for 300 million young men and women by 2015.…


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Great success of the Future Summit SocialWeb-SocialWork

On April 8th 2014 about one hundred international stakeholders from the area of children and youth work have attended the final conference of Future Summit SocialWeb-SocialWork in Berlin. The goal was to discuss how the influence of social work can ensure the online safety of children and youth at risk.

During the event, the findings of the project were…


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"I have never used computers before, but now I'm employed!"

Within the project „Libraries for a New Age” IAN, Serbia and Vinkovci City Library, Croatia, developed capacities of seven libraries in Serbia and Croatia. Through building technical capacities of libraries and providing relevant education to librarians these libraries are now a valuable community resource for provision of tailor-made education programs especially acting as e-facilitators. After the…


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ICT as a career chance for persons with disabilities

The Primary and Secondary School Milan Petrović in Novi Sad, Serbia, is one of the probably best-equipped and best organised schools for students with physical and mental disabilities in Serbia. The children here can rely on the comfort of the latest technologies and highest standards, which certainly helps them receive excellent education, as well as an opportunity to live independently and with dignity. The school was a partner of the Serbian Get Online Week 2014 campaign,…


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Collaboration leads to social integration

Support to people with disabilities in using ICT is of key importance for their successful social integration and for improvement of their quality of life in general. During the Get Online Week, on 27 March 2014, first grade pupils of the primary school Ljupce Petrovic from Aleksinac, Serbia, visited Toys Library, premises of the local association of persons with mental disabilities.

Children lead by their teacher helped the members of this association learn how to…


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GOW2014 Story: The stages of personal development.

During the European Get Online campaign 2014, IT for Youth Project launched the all-Russian Choosing the Career in IT contest to motivate youth to discover the ever evolving world of IT professions and encourage young people to take up a career in ICT, as well as to involve  more young participants of the GOW 2014.

The regional contest was held by the Novokuznetsk Tvoy Kurs Center for high school students within GOW2014 and aimed at developing the next generation of qualified IT-…


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Celebrating World Telecommunication and Information Society Day 2014

On May 17, the Information and Communication Technology for Development (ICT4D) sector will once again be abuzz as we celebrate the World Telecommunication and Information Society Day (WTISD). Spearheaded by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), WTISD seeks to raise awareness on the…


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GOW2014 Story: Internet Makes Things Easier for People

E-government services are getting more and more popular with quite a number of people in Russia. Inessa Kapshukova, the head of one of the children’s libraries in Togliatti also wanted to learn about this kind of service, but she didn’t know who could help her with that.

When Inessa was invited to participate in Get Online Week 2014 and learn more about e-government services, she immediately responded and attended the seminar in the DL center. The thing was that…


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GOW2014 Story: The Young Explorer of the coding world

Several months ago Anastasia Voronina, a third grade school girl of one of the secondary schools in Tomsk, had no idea about program codes and all such thing. She couldn’t even dream of creating and designing her own games with Kodu Game Lab, winning the Kodu Contest and getting award from the President of Microsoft Russia!

Once Nadezhda Pchelintseva, Anastasia’s school teacher, saw the announcement about Basics of Coding Course that Tvoy Kurs Center offered to the school kids,…


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Get Online Week on the Student TV

Project Different approach to youth on the path to the EU (DAY ) is carried out within the framework of the EU Programme IPA INFO 2012 for Croatia. The aim of the project is to raise awareness about the role of the European Union among the young population and also the opportunities for young people who can significantly change their position in a society.…


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Get Online Week in Rijeka

Center of Technical Culture Rijeka (CTK Rijeka) created this year a rich and free program during the Get Online Week. The program consisted of a number of workshops and presentations organized by CTK Rijeka in collaboration with partners - Telecentar, E-GLAS d.o.o., Ricount, GSR Pod Učkun, Bura znanja and life coaches Tamara Radojević and Tomislav Tomić. Everyone could find something of interest, but the emphasis was placed on…


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Mozilla Webmaker training started on Monday 12th May!

Mozilla’s Webmaker training started on Monday. Join now (free!) to learn creative ways to teach web literacy, digital skills and open practices with fellow educators, technologists and mentors around the world.

Sign up here:

Each of the…


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Bridging e-skills and digital jobs in the annual GOW 2014 campaign

The 5th annual European Get Online Week (GOW) organized by Telecentre Europe took place in 25 countries on 24-30 March this year. Apart from its main mission to encourage people to gain basic knowledge about the Internet, the focus of this year’s GOW was to raise the awareness amongst the young and unemployed on the e-skills needed for the 21st…


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Estonian pupils' video acknowledged by professionals (GOW14 in Estonia)

The Kolga secondary school video competition titled “Smart Learning” was won by 9th graders with a video called “How much longer – Kolga special”

( The video was a parody of a popular Estonian TV consumer programme “How much longer”, which is produced by OÜ…


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Räpina Youth Centre: such events as GOW are great for youngsters (GOW 2014 in Estonia)

Räpina Youth Centre, in the South-East corner of Estonia, organised several events for youngsters as part of the European Get Online Week. They made the most of the campaign by talking about things that interest young people. One of their events – a youth to youth training session – discussed what learning opportunities there were on the Internet for children and young people. The talk then moved on to possible dangers of web surfing and cyber bullying. Online quizzes and…


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Teleworkers with young children supporting each other (GOW2014 in Estonia)


About 60 kilometres east of capital Tallinn, in a picturesque coastal nature reserve operates non-profit association Lahemaa Teleworking and Training Centres (Lahemaa KKK). The association supports people who work flexibly by offering well-equipped furnished office facilities in Kolga Village Centre and organising employment mediation and training…


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The World in 2014: ICT Facts and Figures

PRESS RELEASE: Geneva, 5 May 2014 – New figures released by ITU today indicate that, by end 2014, there will be almost 3 billion Internet users, two-thirds of them coming from the developing world, and that the number of mobile-broadband subscriptions will reach 2.3 billion globally. Fifty-five per cent of these subscriptions are expected to be in the…


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With IT you can do whatever you want (GOW14 Croatia)

This is the story of how Davor Novoselac got interested in Information technology:

"When I was 7, my mom and dad bought me a PC. It was pretty slow and old, but me being 7 years old it didn't matter much. Since that day I was constantly exploring and finding new stuff to do. As I grow older, besides games, I started to be interested in computer software.…


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Why online tools are key to finding work (GOW214 Romania)

The Workplace I love

Sorin Micu is a regular reader of the Department for News and Legislation of the “Ştefan Bănulescu” County Library of Slobozia, county of Ialomiţa.

Currently unemployed, he uses the library’s computers and the print and online news media to look for a job. He underwent bad experiences regarding deprivation of liberty, was…


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