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AbilityNet eLearning Website refresh

We've just completed a major refersh to our elearning website at www.abilitynettraining.org

The site is a collection of abilityNet materials, a portal to resources from across the web and embedded video courses for assistive technology and general applications

The site is based upon Moodle the free open source learning platform and the theme based upon free code from edugeek. These combined seem to offer a really good… Continue

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European Telecentre Resource Bank

Dear Telecentre-Europe member,

We are pleased to announce an exciting new project that will bring a range of benefits for telecentres and staff. We are creating a European Telecentre Resource Bank that will collect best practices, guides, tools and any other resources that can improve telecentres’ effectiveness and efficiency. The resources will be divided into five themes:

1. Employability – for example, a telecentre trainers guide to online job… Continue

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Accessibility rss feed from Abilitynet Twitter

If you like to see daily links to information and resources - and general news and gossip on access for people with a disability you can follow us on Twitter - @abilitynet

for those who would liek to browse but not actually have an account you can get an rss feed with


Youll find the rss feed delivering live content on our page in the… Continue

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Measuring Global Public Access to ICT

The Center for Information and Society (CIS) has recently published a document containing a collection of short summary reports for each of the 25 countries included in the Public Access Landscape Study!

The Landscape Study examines how people around the world access and use information and computers in public settings such as public libraries, telecentres and cybercafés. Understanding public access is particularly important in developing countries where there is… Continue

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Technology alone will not bridge knowledge divides

There is an interesting article about a conference done by Abdul Waheed Khan named: "Technology alone will not bridge knowledge divides" held in Maastricht.

Abdul Waheed Khan is the UNESCO’s Assistant Director-General for Communication and Information, and in this event celebrated at the begining of this month, he expressed that knowledge societies should not be shaped and driven by technological forces but by societal choices, and told the audience how the educational… Continue

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Google wave - new platform for collaboration

Good guides to Google wave http://tinyurl.com/mk898h http://bit.ly/bCaE8 video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_UyVmITiYQ

Wave is a collaboration tool in real time from Google that is due for release soon - if you wnat to know more the links above should help

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Do schools kill creativity? A good question...

Ken Robinson made an interesting conference about creativity and how to face the future.

In Telecentre's dynamics we often try to create thinks for "tomorrow", for the coming years, looking for tools that we may will be needing in a short term period and the impact those can generate.

Regarding it, the reflexion Ken Robinson provides in this video is an approach that can give us the right attitud to think about the future.

Please, visit the video link… Continue

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