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European Voluntary Service - EVS

Hi all. First of all I would like to greet all participants from the Istanbul summit. For me it was great experience and I am really happy that I could meet all of you in Istanbul. Some of you were asking me, why polish guy is working in turkish youth organization. I would like to explain to all of you, that I am a volunteer of European Union's program, called "European Voluntary Service - EVS". I came to Turkey 3 mounths ago, and I will stay here till the and of May 2010. The idea of that… Continue

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Staff exchanges - call for applications (2nd round)

Dear all,

We are proud to officially launch the second round of call for proposals on staff exchanges for the member organizations of our network!

This initiative responds to a real need of the European telecentres movement identified by TE members – knowledge sharing and provides a maximum grant of 850,00 Euro to each successful application.

Working and consultation space has been especially created on… Continue

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Would you like to contribute to a podcast following tes 09

We would like to include a feature on TES09 in our next podcast that we are editing on Monday. We would love to include some soundbites from anyone who attended on their impressions, especially around the accessibility thread

If you would like to contribute - in english if possible - could you email me via the site or directly at david.banes@abilitynet.org.uk

Best regards to all

David Banes

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"The best is yet to come!"

Again congratulations to you Ian and Gabi, and the entire steering committee for putting together such an energizing summit in Istanbul last week.

You have exceeded your ambitious goals by bringing together such an impressive and diverse community of NGO's, executives and stakeholders around the crucial subject of digital inclusion.

Attending the compelling sessions on Accessibility, Citizenship, or Employability or simply "making the rounds" and hearing your attendees share excitment… Continue

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Great to meet you all in Istanbul

It was a pleasure to meet you all in Istanbul and a special hello to all those that attended the accessibility workstream. Feedback on the materials presented for your use would be very welcome and we look forward to working with you all in the coming months

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Igniting Change! - Telecentre-Europe summit, Oct 2009

"The reasonable man adapts himself to the world:the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man." George Bernard Shaw.

The "unreasonable" people behind the Telecentre-Europe network can feel extremely good about this summit that brought together key thought leaders from NGOs, public & corporate sector as well as the European Commission around the challenges of broadening the… Continue

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Telecentre-Europe Summit 2009 / Impact Analysis

This session started with presentation of Gabriel Rissolas from Dynamic Organization Thinking (D-O-T). He talked about how to analyse impacts by social aim & target group.

The second and last speaker was Paul Timmers from European Commission. He started his speech with history of EC e-inclusion impact measurement since 2004 till today. About measurement in Vienna Study, he said ''1000 cases were analysed, only 52 measured outputs and outcomes, mostly from UK and IRL''. He emphasized on… Continue

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Second day of the summit!

The morning session started from the speeches of Daniel Ben Horin from TechSoup Global and Ramazan Altinok- Head of e-Government Advisory Group from Turkish prime Ministry. For all of the participants it was good opportunity to hear sometning more about turkish policy in the IT area. Everyone could compare the experiences of their own countries with turkish work in this topic. After that, everyone joined one of two workshops: capacity building or sustainability. I was working with 15 people at… Continue

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Telecentre-Europe Summit 09 - First day finished

Yesterday was a very intensive day, with really good and inspiring sessions.

Akhtar Badshah (Senior director, Community affairs, Microsoft), Richard Fuchs (IDRC director) and Paul Timmers (Head of eInclusion EC) started with the welcome conferences, providing the audience with a really wide and experienced approach and vision of the whole telecentre world and ICT services.

Accessibility, Employability and Citizenship workstreams runned as planned, and we could collect… Continue

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EURO CAFE- Denmark,Serbia,Turkey and UK(Telecenter-Europe Summit in Istanbul)

After the workshops, in Euro Cafe. Denmark, Serbia, Turkey and UK implemented their organisations' presentation. In my opinion, one of the good and effective example was from Serbia. Serbia's organisation,which is name IAN Telecenter, have diffirent training models for diffirent groups and they aim to engage the marginalised group and unemployed people to digital life. They have 4 diffirent types of training which are IT Courses,English Course, Life… Continue

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Telecentre Europe Summit 2009 / Employability Workstream

At the beginning of the Employability workstream we have been divided for 2 groups and we met other group members in an amusing way. Then we found out expectations of the participants from Telecentres. We have found out 13 articles about the employability expectations and joined them in 4 Topics. The Topics were : 1) Impact Analyses,2) Jobs and e-services, 3) Vocational programs, 4) Employability and entrepreneurship. We made little group works and at the end this small groups made… Continue

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Telecentre-Europe Summit 2009 started!!!

Telecentre-Europe Summit 2009 has started today with welcoming speeches in İstanbul. At the begining, Ian Clifford from UK Online Centres and Başak Saral from Youth For Habitat gave some informations about context and history.

The first speaker Akhtar Badshah-Senior Director Community Affairs from Microsoft Corporation talked about new networking models and supporting NGO Adoption of New Models for Social Change. According to his speech, leverage technology, support technology, build… Continue

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Telecentre-Europe Summit 2009 / Accessibility Workstream

Accessibility workstream was implemented with 13 participants on the first day of Telecentre-Europe Summit by David Banes from AbilityNet UK. He spoke about his organisation: AbilityNet UK which works with disabled adults and children to help them use computers and the internet.

At the begining of the session he asked some of participants to present their own definition of accessibility and inclusion. Some of them gave definitions which are connected with the AbilityNet UK charity’s work… Continue

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Telecenter-europe Summit In Istanbul, wıth lovely Rainy Weather!

We are at the end of the wonderful day.. I was an observer in the 'Citizenship' workshop and 2 of the workshop was really good and with ınteractive participation. Ian Clifford brıefly explained about what is citizenship and how telecenter facilitate in local level to be active citizenship. Also he little bit talked about e-goverment, e-service and social,community engagement. There were lots of good experience from UK, Turkey and Russia.. Also one of… Continue

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Making telecentres places of telepresence by broadband video!

This is a call for people that are both passionate for regional or local development and new technologies to help and facilitate the growth of community cohesion and cooperation throughout Europe - for the benefit of our villages, small towns and rural areas.

The question is: can the gap between education - rich urban environments on one side and and rural and peripheral areas be bridged by new and unconventional combinations between modern Internet technologies and the emergence of… Continue

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