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New Aidmatrix Blog Post about Telecentre Europe

Please see this latest blog post from Aidmatrix regarding the Telecentre Europe conference.

Many thanks to all who made this event such a powerful and enriching experience.



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Seema Alkabi wins TCF's "TweetIT!" contest

Seema Saddy Nasser Alkabi from Oman emerged as the winner of Telecentre.org Foundation's first ever Twitter-based question-and-answer contest dubbed as "…


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Telecentre.org Foundation stages "TweetIT!": a Twitter-based question-and-answer contest

Twitter is currently one of the more popular social media tools whose strength lies in its ability to drive fast and easy communication, making it an effective tool for networking and information sharing.

That's why on Tuesday Otober 23 at 8am GMT (10am Brussels / 11am Kenya / 1:30pm Sri Lanka / 4pm Philippines), Telecentre.org Foundation (TCF) will be staging…


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Wi-Fi: Get it now at your closest park!

Free Wi-Fi has become recently available in parks in Ternopil, a city in Western Ukraine, more specifically in the historical Galicia region. The speed of connection is currently at 100 Mbit/c.

It is the initiative of the city hall to provide the dwellers of the city with this opportunity. Many people from Ternopil immigrated to North America or found jobs abroad in the…


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astronom in a library

Hi everybody,

The astronomical circle in a library is featured in a short film Aktywna Biblioteka: Gdzie szukać inspiracji?


We also made a documentary (13’)  “Open to All” on the Library Development Program:…


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Social media for telecentres: Why, Which & How to?

For the Telecentre-Europe Summit session of Social Media & Social Innovation I was asked to provide some practical tips for the use of social media to Telecentre Network Organizations.

Underneath is my presentation that first tried to convinced the…


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Telecentre-Europe's new Managing Board elected!

Today at the General Assembly, a new Managing Board of Telecentre-Europe AISBL was elected.

All official member organizations (represented by one officially authorized delegate) were requested to attend the meeting. Each Member organization (except for Associated Members) had one vote in the General Assembly. Those who were not able to attend the General Assembly could vote through an online form.

The newly elected board that will…


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International Aid Network from Serbia wins ex-aequo First Prize of the Telecentre-Europe Awards 2012

The Jury of the Telecentre-Europe Awards 2012 has awarded the International Aid Network (Serbia) with a second FIRST prize - ex aequo with the Learn More about ICT Network (Denmark).



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NGOs and libraries in the cloud – 2012 report from TechSoup Global

In 2012, Fundacja TechSoup, in partnership with TechSoup Global, conducted a survey of non-profits, charities, NGOs and social benefit organizations around the world to better understand the current state of their technology infrastructure, plus their future plans for adopting cloud technologies.

With more…


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Language Café – Bridging Gaps One Skype Session at a time

Language Café has been working in Kharkiv, Ukraine since February 2012. The new initiative gives high school and community college students the opportunity to improve their English skills and develop language fluency using the Internet. This spring, elementary school students joined the program, where they were able to use music as a language learning…


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IT Services Management trainings for SMEs: results achieved and lessons learned

This fall, the Czech partner EPMA launches the final phase of the INNOTRAIN IT project, which aims at increasing the effectiveness of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in terms of their IT usage.

IT Services Management (ITSM) at SMEs

The emphasis of the project lies in improving IT Service Management (ITSM) in…


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Telecentre-Europe Award Winners 2012

Telecentre-Europe is very pleased to announce the winners of its Awards Competition 2012:

FIRST PRIZE of 1200€ ex aequo with Serbia…


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The #MarketPlace model in social innovation Telecentres

Introduction to Market Place

In the current economic situation, Worldwide in general, and European in particular, the music has stopped and the moment of truth has arrived. It is now time for countries, governments,…


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UdL Digital Roundtables: Agenda setting for digital inclusion

The UdL Digital Roundtables, organized by Stiftung Digitale Chancen, are an agenda-setting regular series of events, combining an online debate in the virtual world with a real life discussion on the spot.


Roundtables on the spot

The UdL Digital Roundtable…


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Modular social media curriculum development

The strategy of the programme Inklusive Internet, which Stiftung Digitale Chancen carried out from 2009 until 2011 was built on the assumption that Social Media and Web 2.0 applications open a new approach to…


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Tablets to the people

Thanks to Stiftung Digitale Chancen, Android tablet devices (with internet flatrate and telephone function) were given for one year to individual seniors and senior organizations…


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ICT for women empowerment

In the last couple of years, IAN Telecentre has directed the greatest part of their efforts towards empowering women. In this endeavor, the organization has been supported by different donors including Microsoft, UNESCO and the…


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Silver surfers conquer new spaces

With the aim of promoting active aging as well as intergenerational solidarity, the International Aid Network (IAN) organized a competition for grandparents and grandchildren in using computers to search the internet. The competition was organized in Belgrade, Serbia, as a part of a larger project called Silver Surfers.

“One cannot do anything to…


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ICT in a prison

Since November 2011, IAN has been conducting computer courses for inmates in the women’s prison of Serbia, in Pozarevac.

The initiative for providing this training came from the Head of the women’s prison, who recognized the importance of educating and professionally empowering the…


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Workshop on Digital Skills Certifications in Spain Telecentres #CCD12

During the Workshop on Digital Skills Certifications, held in the Citilab Cornellá (Barcelona), the Telecentres Networks Community Association and Social innovation Centres agreed to create a certification model on ICT skills for Spain.  This agreement has been reached taking the…


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