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Lilo and Stitch

I think this line comes from the Disney movie (or there about). But it was beautifully said by Fabio Colansanti this afernoon (intentionally or not). The European Community's main purposes, he said, could be summed up in three words: opportunity, access and solidarity – so that nobody is left behind or forgotten.

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Deconstructing evolution

Survival of the fittest is obviosuly a bio-evolutionary not a social dictum. Mr. Erwin Buchinger, Austria's Federal Minister of Social Affairs and Consumer Protection, rhetorically asked, in the plenary session of the Vienna conference, "Why should only the stronger and more able people participate in the information society?" Quite so! I think e-Inclusion is, metaphorically of course, about deconstructing evolution...

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30.11.2008 Vienna 2008: European Commissions e-Inclusion policies and initiatives: how can I be included?

Many recent policies fight with social/information exclusion of Europe citizens.

Brief presentations at this session gave an outlook for the organizations on what calls for proposals are there to chose from in order to be involved in European Commission e-Inclusion policies, relevant initiatives, actions and projects. Basic focus is on the idea of integrating such speheres of our lives as (e)health care, (e)social care and… Continue

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“The European Commission’s e-Inclusion policies and projects: how can I be included ?” e-Inclusion Ministerial Conference

During the conference there were shortly presented projects and policies connected with the problem of e-Inclusion – how to solve this problem. Both are long term undertakings, prepared for the future. In brief – it’s an investment - in people, for the next years.

I did not know that problem of e-Inclusion is such a significant problem, not only in Poland, the place where I live, but in all high developed countries UE.

Programs are addressed mainly to elderly people, because… Continue

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Press Conference and Exhibition Opening Ceremony, Vienna 2008, 1st day

"A very important conference at an important time" – with these words, Mrs. Heidrun Silhavy summed up everything, what E-inclusion is. I feel that everything we do is translated into the world surrounding us and how important it is, what do we do today, not what we will do tomorrow.…


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Bridging the Digital Divide A Barrier Free Approach, David Banes, Director of Development, AbilityNet

First 5 minutes of the presentation I thought: What I am doing here? David Banes was telling audience about problems of disable people with accessing new technologies. My organization does not have resources and knowledge to start helping disable people, I thought. I could not be more wrong.

During the presentation I understood that even so small organization as mine can… Continue

Added by Andrzej Surowiński on November 30, 2008 at 16:00 — 3 Comments

Press conference (12:00 30.11.2008)

The sentence that I think was important for me, was about us. We create, use and improve community technology.

Create, because when we write on forum, blogposts or ning, we leave signs about us for someone how wants to help himself by the information from my or your post.

Use, because not only we write sentences, but we write questions, and somebody else answers them for us… Continue

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The exclusion cost

Among (suffocating) general presentations, mostly about aging well, I heard this as a straight cost-analysis conclusion - and found it interesting (at least worth sharing). Two different sessions I attended highlighted the exclusion cost. Cath Kelly (HM Customs and Revenue, UK) said about accessibility that it would be a lot more costly to do it later (or not at all). Another speaker said, addressing inclusive e-government, that it definitely costs less to include than to exclude.… Continue

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Telecentre Europe network goes live at EC e-Inclusion event

Digital inclusion got a boost across Europe today, with the launch of a new network which aims to give everyone an equal opportunity to make the most of technology.

The telecentre-europe network was launched in Vienna at the e-Inclusion Ministerial Conference. Made up of organisations from sixteen EU member states… Continue

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Vienna webreporter team: are you ready?

Hi there everybody!

I am Lize De Clercq your community-content-facilitator (yes, yes!) of telecentre-europe.

First of all, I wish to send my congratulations to all young webreporters that have been selected to come to the eInclusion… Continue

Added by Lize De Clercq on November 27, 2008 at 13:30 — 7 Comments

Twitpic from Vienna

For those who cannot make it to Vienna for the eInclusion event we are thinking of twittering photos of the event - if you want to see what everything looks like you can try us on

Added by David Banes on November 24, 2008 at 15:56 — 2 Comments

Telecentre Leaders Forum - MENA opens in Cairo

The TLF opened here in Cairo today with the focus on networking, knowledge sharing and development with more than 70 telecentre practitioners from Egypt, Yemen and Sudan. Speaking at the opening session, Dr. Ekram of Ministry of ICT in Egypt reminded participants that telecentres should essentially contribute to community development. He noted that telecentres have indeed helped rural community access ICT and training opportunity in previously under served areas in Egypt. Dr. Ekram warned that… Continue

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Delivering Assistive Technology Services across Europe without barriers : New Opportunities - New Options

AbilityNet will be delivering a free workshop atthe Vienna eInclusion conference on how to support disabled users through technology.

This workshop explores how new communication and collaboration tools are helping to deliver assistive technology services directly to disabled people. The use of such tools offers providers the opportunity to reach more people, regardless of location whilst reducing costs and environmental impact. AbilityNet has been delivering advice, assessments of… Continue

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2.0 Web and V Conference of e-inclusion Spain

Last 5th, 6th and 7th November has been take place the V Meeting of e-inclusion for telecentre operators in Fundación Esplai, El Prat de Llobregat (Barcelona)

The topic proposed for this V Meeting was: "Telecentro 2.0, community work," with the aim to discuss and reflect on how the telecentres could energise community, and how it contributes to the participation, how they are involved in local dynamics, and become an agent of development.… Continue

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From eASIA 2008: ICT for Eductaion, Are we doing the right thing?

In the plenary address at the first day Inaugural Session Jyrki Pulkkinen, CEO, Global eSchools and Communities Initiative (GeSCI) ( made a very interesting point.

" It is right to put computers and internet at school level, but ICT alone cannot transform the community. We have to put the right conception first "

He went on highlighting the difference between the geographical map and the knowldge map of the world. In the… Continue

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From eASIA 2008: e-Health - The need for innovation

In the plenary address at the first day Inaugural Session, Karl Brown, Associate Director - Applied Technology, Rockefeller Foundation, USA, speaked on "why eHealth is important in the twenty first century".

The emphasis should be on the whole system, not on how to tackle a particular disease.

He compared the current global health system to a water system in a city. The city is investing on a state of the art water purification system so… Continue

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e-money in Kenya: the story of M-pesa

Much has been said about the potential impact of cell phones to development. With high access - nearly total in urban and peri-urban areas around the world, what is left is useful content and good implementation plan.

Kenya has been experimenting with e-money (a.k.a "M-pesa"). For more than a year now, With this service, Kenyans can open up a digital account on the cell phone, send and receive money, pay bills like electricity and obtain credit. Users can also withdraw money from… Continue

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First-time participant ICTA bags Infotel award

The Information Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka (ICTA) bagged a unique award at the award ceremony held last Saturday at the BMICH at the conclusion of the Infotel exhibition.

In what was the zenith of the three-day (Friday - Sunday Oct. 31-Nov. 3) Infotel exhibition held at the BMICH, the ICTA received the award for the best contribution towards dissemination of information. Minister of Science and Technology Professor Tissa Vitharana giving away the trophy to COO, ICTA… Continue

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