November 2020 Blogposts (8)

Computer Skills Among the Community- Dwelling 55+ European Population

Older adults are facing an increasingly technological society which can make them feel excluded. This work aims to evaluate computer skills of Europeans within the age group of 55+, using data from the SHARE project. Computer skills were assessed based on the answers to the question “How would you rate your computer skills?” Globally, an average of 28% of participants showed good computer skills, 36.1% demonstrated basic computer skills, and 35.9% had no computer skills…


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DocEnhance: Good practice recommendations for transferable skills training

The DocEnhance project aims to enhance transferable skills intelligence and integration into existing PhD programmes by

  1. developing an employment and innovation-oriented curriculum for PhD programmes,
  2. facilitating business-education partnerships
  3. tracking PhD graduate career paths.

The major outputs of the project are a recommended…


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Participation of the Cyprus National Cyber Security Team at the ENISA HackFest 2020

Participation of the Cyprus National Cyber Security Team at the ENISA HackFest 2020

The Cyprus Computer Society announces the participation of the Cyprus National Cyber Security Team at the online training event 'ENISA Hackfest 2020'.

As it was already announced due to the unforeseen circumstances the European Cyber Security Challenge for 2020 was cancelled. As a result, this year the European National Teams will not have the opportunity to meet in…


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Working with the elderly in Covid times - the Uporto Sessions Experience

Throughout the last months, ICTskills4All has faced major challenges to conduct project activities without exposing the elderly to risks. Portugal officially started social isolation in mid-March 2020. The scheduled face-to-face sessions were thus postponed to July, when the health authorities were ab le to cointain the threat and authorized the reopening.

Nevertheless, the new preventive measures  demanded social distance, and this gave a clear demonstration of…


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And the winners of ALL DIGITAL Awards 2020 are ...

On 7 October 2020,  at the ALL DIGITAL Summit, we announced the winners of the annual ALL DIGITAL Awards. The Ceremony, as the whole event, was organised online and was hosted by a journalist and a documentary producer Andrea…


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Handbook on Educational Robotics for the e-Media project is available in 5 languages!

The eMedia: Media Literacy and Digital Citizenship for All project aims to promote education for all by producing educational guidelines related to digital practices which consists of three handbooks. These handbooks support possibilities for a new and innovative way of teaching different subjects at school. They address educators who are interested in developing their digital competence and improving…


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BEBRAS Cyprus Competition for Primary and Secondary School Students

The Cyprus Computer Society and the IT Teacher Association announce the 1st Pancyprian Informatics Competition BEBRAS for Primary School Students and the 11th Pancyprian Informatics Competition BEBRAS for Gymnasium Students.

All information related to the competition are available on the BEBRAS Cyprus website:…


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Lightsense Project - 1st Living Lab

The 1st online LightSense Living Lab was held on Wednesday, October 21, as part of the project "Intelligent light detection for next-generation smart networks" (LightSense)

The aim of the project is the holistic response to the energy and security needs of the energy distribution networks in Cyprus, in terms of timely error prevention and interference detection.

The project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and the Republic of Cyprus, through the Research…


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