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The Educational Visit to Lithuania 2008 - 2nd day on Lithuania (18.09.2008)

The alarm woke us up at 8 a.m. Girls were running around the room, everyone took a shower. LORETA called us telling us about a traffic jam. We left the Hostel following the map that LORETA send us earlier. Point A was where we slept, point B... Wait, what's point B? After reading the email I noticed that the map pointed to SONEX (W2F → Window to Future office). When we reached point B we could locate the street and our target building. After that we called Laura for directions. It turned out… Continue

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The Educational Visit to Lithuania 2008 - 1st day on Lithuania (17.09.2008)

Yesterday at 10:10 we left Bialystok. We went by train to Vilnius. Our object was visiting the Telecenter and meeting people who organize in Lithuania trainings similar to ours. We were going to see how people from the other country do what we do.

After a little exhausting ride on the train we suddenly noticed that the time zone has changed and our watches need to be adjusted plus one hour. Of course when the conductor told us the news, we had to pack in a hurry and to leave the train very… Continue

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Lithuania 18-19.09.2008 Hello! My name is Jolka . I would like to tell you about my first visit in Lithuania. I hope my words will visualize atmosphere during visiting Lithuania: ) When I saw Vilniu…

Lithuania 18-19.09.2008


My name is Jolka . I would like to tell you about my first visit in Lithuania. I hope my words will visualize atmosphere during visiting Lithuania: )

When I saw Vilnius for the first time I thought that it is very peaceful and beautiful town, also the most green city in Europe. It doesn’t look like a capital ,because streets are very clean ,air is fresh and clear. There’s no rush, no one is running ,there is no hurry. On every corner you can… Continue

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Study visit in Vilnius - second day

Our study visit program included visits at RIAP’s – in Paluse and Visaginas. Of course in Lithuania is more this kind Internet access points (about 800). Project of RIAP is very similar to Ikonka@ which is provided in Poland.

In Paluse RIAP is localised in national park.

Another one RIAP which we have visited in Visagina is different than in Paluse. It is managed by workers of cultural centre. They are also planning to initiate basic computer literacy skills courses for… Continue

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Call for articles - Mountain Forum Bulletin

The global Mountain Forum supports knowledge exchange by collecting and disseminating information on sustainable mountain development. It also fosters member interaction and supports advocacy and policy processes.

One channel is the 6-monthly MF Bulletin which focuses on key strategic themes of the Mountain Agenda. It is available on-line and distributed as hardcopy to members with poor internet access. For earlier editions see… Continue

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Study visit in Vilnius - first day

Because of the invitation from the W2F (Window to the Future), we have visited place were they work. The purpose of our trip was get to know how this organisation was established, how it works and what kind activities it is providing.

Our visitation organizators prepared for us short but very concret presentation. W2F is different organisation than Socially Responsible Institute to a high degree. It was established by private companys, provided by idea ‘responsible… Continue

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Same issues…different context: the tale of telecentres in Europe

When Trif Romina and Adrian Popa concluded the story of Jimbolia telecentre, I looked up to them and said – “most of those issues, I have heard in other parts of the world”. Yes - I have. Trif is the telecentre manager while Adrian is the Director Blythswood – NGO that runs the telecentre. They were talking to Gabi Barna and I about the telecentre and reflecting on how telecentre-europe network might be helpful to the telecentre.

Jimbolia telecentre started in 2006 – it is located at… Continue

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When you light a burner… stay out of the way

Ahkar the Director of Microsoft Community Affairs reminded us that when you light a burner…stay out of the way or else you be burned. But protect the frame so it can glow stronger. This remark could easily pass for a topic in management – that’s how powerful it is. Ahktar was talking to the steering committee of telecentre europe about where the network should be heading in the next few months - out of an incubator into the real world.

Telecentre-europe had a rare opportunity to… Continue

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Strengthing telecentre-europe network

I have been camped here in Timisoara at the invitation of the Gabi (Chair of telecentre-europe network steering committee) since Sept 11. We are discussing how to strengthen the network and facilitate concrete collaboration among telecentres in the region.

Ofcourse this site has demonstrated that people want to learn from each other -- but also indicated that more needs to be done. Telecentre practitioners need training curriculums, concrete services that communities can use, access… Continue

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Telecentres Evaluation Toolkit

I remember, like on the first meeting of Telecentres in Europe during the workshop "eSkills for Employability" in 2007 in Barcelona, one of the most important issues which came up among people was benchmarking all projects.

We feel under our skin that among us there is a plenty of knowledge, ideas, experience but we didn't now even the right… Continue

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eInclusion awards application on behalf of Telecentre-Europe

Please see attached the Telecentre-Europe application for the eInclusion Awards. Please feed back any comments to me by 10th Sept. The application will be submitted on the 11th Sept.
many thanks


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eInclusion Awards 2008

The European Commission has launched a call for projects and will recognize the best 35 e-Inclusion projects in Europe. The deadline for sending in your project proposal will be 12th September.

Please find below some basic information about this EC innitiative. This document is intended to encourage and support you to submit your project to the projects competition.

Could you be a European e-Inclusion… Continue

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Telecentre Logo finalised

Hi all,

Please find the final Telecentre Europe logo attached. I hope many of you will start using it soon. Each and one of us can advocate and contribute to the visibility of this nascent network in Europe.


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My visit to Warsaw, Poland (part 2)

Hello again!

As promised in my former blogpost, let me tell you some more about the days I spent in Warsaw, talking & brainstorming with Paweł Makowiecki.

Paweł Makowiecki is the founder of Responsible Business Institute (RBI), a… Continue

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My visit to Warsaw, Poland (part 1)

Hello everybody!

Last weeks, I have been so involved into steering committee & esplai activities that I simply didn’t find the time to write you earlier about my face-to-face visits to Poland, Belgium and The Netherlands. So be prepared now for a series of blogposts on these experiences...

First, let me rewind back to the latest city I traveled to:… Continue

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Telecentre.Europe Update, June 2008

Dear Colleagues!

You’re receiving this note because you attended telecentre-europe meeting in Riga (April 2008), its predecessor (Barcelona 2007) or expressed interest in joining this list.

This note is to update on progress toward formalizing telecentre-europe as a network of community-based telecentres in Europe interested in learning from each other to improve practice and advocating together to ensure that community-based telecentres are seen as an important civic… Continue

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European Funding Conferences

The European Fundraising Association is launching a seminar programme designed to share European fundraising expertise with third sector organisations throughout the world.

Windows on Europe will feature in selected international conferences as a series of talks delivered by fundraising leaders from Europe. The initiative launches at the national fundraising conference in France this week and includes speakers from Amnesty International Belgium, Be the Change UK and the Polish… Continue

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Knowledge sharing |putting it in context…

That water is the most precious, rear resource in the hot desert threatened Sudan is well documented. Yet, locals find it within themselves to share it with any traveller in need by setting up road-side watering (drinking) points (called Sabir). Actually, these are small pots made out of clay that are stationed on tripod stands – usually in a set of three, under thin sheds…checkout the photo. Neighbours refill them every morning. You see, clay is porous and passes on this great attribute to the… Continue

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How not to keep records | from Kida telecentre, Mali as Adult literacy training starts in Algeria telecentres

I arrive at Kita telecentre on a wet Tuesday morning. It located 180 km West of Bamako, Mali. The telecentre is centrally located in this rural but busty, little township boasting of a population of more than 35000. We are welcomed by Abdulaye Diallo, he is the co-owner of the telecentre. He is a highly motivated manager and knows how to do business – my first impression.

I ask him how the telecentre is used and how many people come a day. I am told that users can access computer… Continue

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Telecentre community comes of age| what time can do…

A participant asked me “…after three years of’s work, how has the telecentre landscape changed, what can you say about the future?” I looked at him and smiled in admiration. He had just posed a great question – one that needed a cute response. The thing is, I had only two minutes to respond.

This was at the end of the international workshop on sustainability of telecentres in Lusaka (June 2008). I have not stopped thinking about that question ever since. Actually, I… Continue

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