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CONTENT FACILITATORS MEETING - 27-30th January is organizing a Content Facilitator meeting in Barcelona, in Esplai Foundation headquarters.
I am really happy for it, not only because it is a really interesting chance to contact, share and exchange ideas and experiences, but because this kind of meetings generate always a direct impact to the communities.

I am really excited about it, and I will collect the best ideas to share with you all.

Added by Laia Fauró Gual on January 22, 2009 at 18:39 — 1 Comment

AbilityNet Accessibility Podcast - now available and free

Our first ever accessibility Podcast is now up and available at Presented by Robin Christopherson and myself this first edition includes - Accessible Toys for Children with a disability, Feedback from Vienna, Technology and disability roundup, up and coming events and Top tips for acessible technology.

We are already collecting resources for the Feb edition and would love to get some feedback from members

All the very best

David… Continue

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“Surf the net- Think privacy” - VIDEO COMPETITION

Hello Everybody,

There is an interesting Video Competition!

For those of you involved with centers working with youth 15-19 years old who are from EU member states, below might be nice opportunity. Deadline is rapidly approaching, but apparently no/very few entries to date. I’ve heard among the prizes are an X-box (as well as trip to Brussels J). Note the “twinning” or multi-country category!

Check the webside:

Good… Continue

Added by Laia Fauró Gual on January 9, 2009 at 10:21 — No Comments

Accessibility 2.0 - Podcasts now available for free

A couple of people have referred to using web 2.0 applications to involved young people in using technology. Last year we ran a conference on how we can make these applications more accessible to people with a disability - you can find the notes, presentations and podcasts at where they can be downloaded for free - I hope you find them useful

David Banes

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Braille 200 years old !

Well not quite - its actually 200 years since the birth of Louis Braille - lots of details at

Although Braille is used slightly less now than it once was (the advent of text to speech is a key reason) its still worth knowing how to convert documents into Braille for learners.

There are three key elements that you need to be aware of

1) Design

2) Convert

3) Emboss

The design of documents is very important - you… Continue

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MytecC- Mediterranean Youth Technology

MYTecC is a crossroad where youngsters meet to delve from the Web 2.0 technologies related knowledge and skills that would help them succeed in their lifelong professional journey, it’s a human network across borders bringing youngsters together to interact, share ideas and know about other cultures, it’s a fertile platform where young minds can grow in harmony and open up to a globalizing world, it’s definitely a unique opportunity for yout to shine… Continue

Added by Burcu Kilinc on January 5, 2009 at 14:17 — 3 Comments

We all are second generation telecentre activists - don't you know?

The first telecentres were founded 15 years ago in Centre Europe. Most of the founders play a significant role in the Centre European and worldwide telecentre movement up to this day.

Let's seek them to know who they are, what did they do for the telecentres in the past and what are they doing for us right now.

Added by Klara Nemeskeri on December 21, 2008 at 19:34 — 5 Comments

Telecentre-Europe workshop report

Telecentre Europe - Workshop Report.doc

Hi all
please see attached the workshop report from Vienna.
Sorry it has taken so long for me to write up, but i wanted to do it justice. Please feel free to comment, or correct any errors and apologies to Hans(?) for whom I dont have full contact details.
many thanks

Added by Ian Clifford on December 19, 2008 at 18:15 — No Comments

Telecentre Europe Launch publication

Hi all

please see Telecentre-Europe Launch Brochure that was printed for the launch in Vienna. As well as explaining some of the backround and aims of the network it profiles some of the members of the network. We would like to continue to expand and develop our knowledge of our network, and gather more profiles. If you are not featured here and manage a newtork of telecentres in Europe please… Continue

Added by Ian Clifford on December 17, 2008 at 21:11 — No Comments

Telecentre-Europe .... we were the last to leave the conference ....

Indeed we were the last ones to leave!!! Telecentre-Europe organised the workshop "What's next for the 292,000,000?" at the end of the eInclusion conference in Vienna. We had some very, very interesting discussions and we were struggling to finish on time with what we thought was really the most important theme of the conferenece: what will we have to do in order to ensure that all those who are not connected today get a real opportunity to participate in our knowledge… Continue

Added by Gabi Barna on December 4, 2008 at 11:48 — 3 Comments

Thanks to everyone who worked so hard in Vienna

Hi all

it is completely inspiring to see the MASSIVE amount of work that has been done over the last few days by our dedicated team of bloggers, web reporters, and the team on the stand. I am completely in awe of what you have done. The impact of our presence was significant and I had a number of people come and tell me that we were the "discovery" that they had hoped they would find in Vienna. This was EXACTLY what we had hoped to achieve, but it was far, far better than we had… Continue

Added by Ian Clifford on December 3, 2008 at 17:27 — 4 Comments

Europe of migration, Europe of inclusion

In this workshop we had the intervention of:

- Stefano Kluzer

- Ed Klute

- Lora Pappas

- Andrea Cortinois

- Pedro Aguilera

They all tried to explain how important is the relation between migration and inclusion. Nowadays migration is a really important phenomenon in our societies and we have to deal with it. It´hasn´t to be a bad phenomenom. We have to learn how to plan our actions so we can benefit from it.

We had the opportunity of taking… Continue

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We are back home...but it´s not finished

The Conference has finished. We are all back home but it´s not finished. We´ve learnt lots of things. We knew lots of projects and people who look for the same aim as us: inclusion. We´ve realized that we have to continue working. The young reporters have made a big effort and they won´t forget this experience. But we have to continue working and developing... This conference must continue in time...

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Web reporters are safely home. e-Inclusion? A tremendously exciting experience! Unique, first hand encounter with policy makers and ordinary (or perhaps extra-ordinary) folk who make e-Inclusion happen. Many thanks to Nick Batey, who invited us! What a priviledge! Great work done by Gabi and Ian and Telecentre Europe team. Excellent support from Sylvie and Melissa! Lize, what would this have been withouth your encouraging friendship?! Our Polish,… Continue

Added by Adrian Popa on December 3, 2008 at 9:00 — 3 Comments

telecentre-europe workshop "what next for the 292 million offline europeans"

The workshop was organized by telecentre-europe and when I came in I saw many known faces of people that are already member of telecentre-europe, but there were some new faces from Sweden, China, Israel, Croatia and Portugal.

Ian Clifford, co-chair of telecentre-europe was leading the session and first showed a video that was also showed during the telecentre-europe launch yesterday:… Continue

Added by Lize De Clercq on December 2, 2008 at 15:00 — 1 Comment

Nick Batey bites the bullet

It's time for a quick conclusion. I believe e-Inclusion conference had a legitimate focus on e-Government, disability, and ageing well issues. By default, that made the event a pretty conservative one, aimed at taking stock and consolidating rather than attempting to move things forward. But sometimes strange ideas can be more useful than straight ideas. As such, the conference may have missed out on a very important and stimulating… Continue

Added by Adrian Popa on December 2, 2008 at 13:00 — 2 Comments

Gendering e-Inclusion

The session I attended this morning (with my wife, who joined me for the day) was thought-provoking. Femke Snelting, Belgium artist, took a fresh look at gender issues relating to ICT skills. Her research shows considerable (political) inequality between men and women in this regard. I will quote her only on women blogging, because I think it offers an interesting window into the heart of the problem. Femke found that 46% of bloggers were women. However, in terms of influence only about 16%… Continue

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Interview of Malena and Cris from Spain with Simay Kardes and Bora Caldu from Turkey

We were very pleased to meet both of them. We knew more about their organisations. They take part in YOUTH ASSOCIATION FOR HABITAT.

They explained three different projects of its entity:

- Bridging Digital Divide: they promote usage of ITC capacities in young people

- MYTECC: it takes part in 8 different countries and its aim is to support young articipants ITC capacities.

- T- GAG: where young people can change information, videos, fotos, projects…

We… Continue

Added by malena ortiz on December 2, 2008 at 12:00 — 1 Comment

lehar 1 ( 15:10 1.12.2008r.)

It was presented the project, which is named Mira Media.

The representative of this project talk about good practice, which can be embedded within local socio-economic context.

For example:

-Media centres

-virtual museum

-radio and television

Furthermore he give example of ICT jobs opportunities in mini culture. It could be:

-digi-help services

-young skilled ICT workers

I think that it's important to do something like this and… Continue

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e-Accessibility : A dummy's guide to web accesibility

I thought that is good to look into matter from different points of view. I’m not keen on technological items, but I want to be open-mind person.

Standardization of web accessibility is one way to resolve e-Inclusion. This issue is most significant for disabled. Barrier of using electronic devices adjusted only for healthy people is for disabled impossible to cross.

How to change this… Continue

Added by Aneta Hryszko on December 2, 2008 at 11:00 — 3 Comments

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